Bungie Livestream 4/24

The Devs are a little nerdy and uncomfortable in this (shout out to Vicarious visions from Albany NY)

If you just want the facts and like content creators…as i do…you might like the following better

High points:

  1. New playable area (Mars)
  2. activity…Escalation protocol…hard endgame stuff with exclusive loot rewards (think court of oryx and Arkons forge)
  3. Anna Bray
  4. Exotic masterworks with unique perks for each weapon and specific difficult RNG to unlock…one lists complete most difficult strikes to unlock…vigilance will go FULL AUTO if unlocked
  5. new and returning exotics from D1…most notable Suros regime and sleeper simulant
  6. PVP ranking Valor (casual…only goes up win or lose,up more for wins) and Glory (goes up for wins down for losses in Competitive only) quitter penalties apply
  7. Private matches
  8. 385 max light with steep drop off, meaning a few light levels will feel like a lot. Progression will be slower, feel more grindy


  1. overplayed new enemies…they are hive but frozen
  2. we can use the sparrow…but from what i saw…payable not much bigger than Mercury
  3. Anna Bray

Some of this will be more of the same
Some will feel all new
Many salty redditers will say too little too late
I think there is a possibility that PVP will need a re-balance very soon with the new exotics dropping…many content creators say it will be broken out the gate (maybe that will be good)

I will play the shit out of this in hopes to get to the raid within the month…and i think more people will be playing a month after launch than the last expansion @DestinyPlayers

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No shit, they could of found a few more livelier people.

I watched this live and am looking forward to the expansion. What’s different about this horde mode over Prison of Elders? Seems about the same but it’s in the open world.

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I’m glad you asked…PoE had 0 mechanics…Court of Oryx did and Arkons Forge did…PoE did matchmaking but was limited to 3 (a fireteam)…in the other 2 that number is 12 but no matchmaking you could be all by yourself…

So I did not compare this to PoE for that reason it is much more like Arkons forge and Court of Oryx…but as these 2 did not have specific loot and endgame difficulty, its an upgrade to those designs…I think it looks like mercury public mechanics event crossed with court of Oryx game play and enemies with 7 escalating levels of difficulty

some of the other fun stuff in that mode…7 levels, unique weapons and armor drop and unique event specific weapons are available for short period of time during the event…think fire axe from RoI or the Crota sword form CoO…there is a siva staff for sure in the stream

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I was sadly underwhelmed by the reveal, but I know I’ll still play the crap out of it.

I hope Bungie learns from this and realizes that scrapping what they put into the previous game and then re-introducing it in its sequel as “new content” is disingenuous at best. Yes, I’m glad the old exotics are coming back, but come on. For as much $$$ as Bungie sunk into D2, I’m shocked they didn’t think to add on to on the existing world (even if it meant moving it to the fancy new engine).

I have learned to lower my expectations of Destiny and Bungie and just accept the game for what it is. I’ll play through the story mode, gear up my Hunter to max light, run some end game stuff and hit the Iron Banner.

It’s sad that Bungie still can not offer us new enemies to face. Or really new content and equipment to play through and earn. I honestly don’t think they’re capable of doing it, especially with the game engine they’re on.

How to fix Destiny? Combing Blizzard and Bungie, Warcraft and Destiny and make the game people really want. A fun casual MMO that will keep us busy all year round.


I’m not sure what else there is to learn. Put out an average game, make incremental changes, add underwhelming DLC. Where have I seen this before? That’s right they did the exact same thing last time.

Completely agree, Broken. It sucks because I think the lore is interesting and I really enjoyed D1 and D2 right after it launched.