Bungie.net and Companion App Changes

I’ve noticed, as I’m sure many others have, that Bungie.net has made many changes to their website and companion app. The problem is, it seems we lost functionality, rather than gained anything. What’s up with that? For example, I used be have the ability to see my character on the website, and app. I could change the stuff he was wearing, etc, and it would reflect on the website, or app. Now, I can’t even change my loadout on bungie.net, only on the companion app. Anyone else notice other things that are missing?

you mean from D1 to D2 or just recently.

its was a severe nef to the app and website from d1 to d2. can’t do shit on bungie.net right now with D2. Never could as i recall.

Things are definitely different. I’m not a developer, but I’m betting they looked at the usage stats for some of those features and determined that the usage didn’t offer a reasonable ROI for the development cycle this time around. If the feature was not driving traffic to them as expected, they probably just trimmed the fat. I think about 90% of that feature use was from mobile devices (phones and tablets).
As far as the companion app limitations and changes… well, yeah. It’s kinda the same. Just the essentials. They probably decided that there wasn’t a real need to see your guardian in the app, since most of the time when people use it they are transferring weapons while in game. (on a raid or mission) There are about 100 different ways to screen-cap images of your guardian for sharing built in native to each platform, so taking a pic and sharing is easily accomplished from the game itself.
These are my guesses. I could be 100% wrong, probably am… who knows. I’m gonna put in a call to Bungie and see what they say about it. :smiley:

Yeah good luck with that. /sarcasm

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Yeah, ya’ll just hang out here and wait patiently for a follow-up on this… I’ll let you know as soon as I have one of my Bungie contacts on the phone… This’ll take no time. I’ll have an answer for you by the time you can say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis 15 times fast while spinning counter-clockwise and hopping on 1 foot, patting your head, and rubbing your stomach at the same time.