Bungie Revamping Destiny's Leveling System

Bungie is going to revamp the leveling system in Destiny with The Taken King expansion. Destiny will soon no longer feature the light system, which requires players to obtain special gear to level up past 20, according to Game Informer. Instead, guardians will move from level 1 to the new cap 40 through going on missions, killing enemies and completing bounties.

“The conflation of gear and character level led to this place where your identity was determined by things outside of your control,” creative director Luke Smith said. “We don’t want to do that.”

In addition, Bungie is reportedly tweaking the loot system. The shared-world shooter will do a better job examining what weapons and gear that players have already received when figuring out a new drop.

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Also all existing weapons and armour will be outstripped in terms of Attack and Defence by new gear, within hours of playing.

Myriad of other smaller changes most of which have been requested / suggested.

no surprise there. I hope they hired some people with MMO experience cuz they seem to be having issues with their leeling of weapons and armor

I know.

Just makes the recent grind feel completely pointless.

No point playing for gear now.


knew that would happen

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Makes me sad :frowning:

Hey Jackal.

You the Destiny Team Leader?
Play on PS4?

Is anyone still playing much?
Enough of us for a Raid or something?
Just curious.

Yes I am
No i dont im a One guy… we are better… Just saying
not much on One

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I’m ok with the changes.

Acquire new gear, save the old gear for lower level characters you’re working on or dump it.

Not uncommon in games.