Bungie's Endgame: Destiny's Raid Philosophy And The Scope Of King's Fall

Aside from the fact that King’s Fall will be Destiny’s biggest and most complex raid to date, Bungie has been reluctant to talk about it. The studio hopes for King’s Fall to be a complete surprise for players when they first dive into it in September, but we managed to wrangle up an interview with The Taken King’s creative director Luke Smith, who was also the lead designer on Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid. In our interview, Smith shares the history of Destiny’s raids, explains how Vault of Glass showed the team they needed to redesign Destiny’s gear system, and hinted at what players can expect from Destiny’s biggest raid to date.


Do we return to Destiny? I’m thinking about it, although I don’t want the game to become a job again. (Get the dailies, get the weeklies, nightfall…)

Cost to much for me to get back in to it.

well @Lala_Calamari the RNG is changing and they weeklies are no more from the sound of it. It seems to be changing a lot but i have no XP with MMOs. It’s cant feel anymore of a job than Blops 3…

I’ll probably wind up getting it as there is nothing else out there. And CoD isn’t a job. It’s hop on, shoot people in the face, log off.

I only buy that if you don’t prestige!

Ruh-Roh! The raid won’t be available at the launch of the DLC.

“Its not going to be available on day one,” The Taken King director Luke Smith told IGN during its live show at PAX Prime 2015. “We definitely have a plan for when it’s going to be available. I’m not going to announce the plan for it on the youtube gaming stage.

"But I promise for people who are excited about the raid will know when it’s time to take time off work. We’ll give em’ a heads up,” he added.

for fuck sakes

What’s the rush? We gotta worry about hitting level 40 and getting new gear.

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I am still getting it but no raid just adds insult to injury. What the f are they thinking? And not even a hint to when the raid will be released? Just another Bungie Fubar. I’m not angry, just saying.

@koldfront_kraig its coming out the 18th

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We wouldn’t be able to push into that with enough people for a week anyway. If we all took off for three days, probably.

I took a long Destiny break, but I’m ready to be back in it. The raid comes out 3 days after the expansion, BTW.