Burger King is Making Stuff Up

I will never go to fast food but look at this one…Mac N Cheetos

Oh My. That looks nasty.

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I would say gross, but I like Cheetos & mac, great combo.

Haven’t been to a Burger King in years. Most of the food is pretty bad, even the kids don’t want it.

Haven’t been to Booger King since I found half an insect torso of some kind (roach or grasshppr) in burger box. Fast way to loose your appetite right there.

Correction it was Hardee’s that happen.
Burger King uses tube squeezed meat.

quick story, Today father said he was going to burger king for a cheap lunch, i told him to get me a tendercrip sandwich meal… He asked what that was i told him crispy chicken sandwhich… of course he comes back in a huff, talks about the shitty confusing service and menu, then says that he didnt see a crispy chicken sandwhich anywhere on the meny besides the dollar menu… fucking moron…

anyways, he comes back with 2 $1 chicken sandwiches (gross) but tries to redeem himself with a box of these mac N cheetos things… they’re gross… its just too much… im sure stoner high schoolers will eat them tho…

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