By Crom Olympics

This is in the "alpha’ stage but what do you guys think about doing a Olympics in Conan?

I am getting ready to start a fighting arena and yesterday @CaptainPeeJ and I found out the archery targets give a score based on your shot.

Events I already have:

1v1 boxing
1v1 weapon of choice
Gladiator Free for All
Hunting - Have to go hunt a certain animal that gives a head as a trophy, results based off time to complete
Hyborian Ninja - Obstacle course
Exile Marathon - Go and find a certain exile, results based on time to complete

If interested what kind of events would you like to see added or removed from the list?


For your benefit don’t add a wang size competition.


How many of these events are in the nude?

Nice. Actually sounds pretty fun. Not sure how the obstacle course would work? what where you thinking there?

Probably something with pillars and a lot of jumping.

The hunting one sounds neato

Ill play…

That’s silly, clearly it would be a “sword” fight. :slight_smile:

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Arena is almost complete.

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I think you need this game @anon36214017

I love this game in general but the $30 was worth it just to run around with my wang out with GRG.

It doesn’t look like it requires a real powerhouse PC to run, actually.


My laptop can handle it about 95% of the time.
Ark did not render so well…

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If it helps my specs are:

i7 @2.7
GTX 950M - 2GB