Calendar for EP weapon drops

In case some of you are still trying to get any of the weapons from Escalation Protocol.


Nice, I got the SMG last night and now just need the sniper.

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Just don’t forget to do this first: * Once you’ve earned seven Rasputin Key Fragments, head to Ana Bray on Mars.

  • Once a week, you can turn in seven fragments for a single Encrypted Cache Key.

You don’t need chest keys for the weapons, they drop by the boss. Chest is only good for armor


Fair enough but having done it, it sucks to complete wave 7 and just watch as everyone else opens the chest

I agree.

Though the grind to get dozens of fragments doesn’t seem worth it, especially if you intend to grind EP until you get the weapon drop.
Having enough for the first completion might be fun, given that you would have just gone 1-7.
After that you can just keep repeating 6-7 for more chances at the weapon.

I opened the chests until I had a full set of gear and then just stopped. So it is worth it for the armor if you collect