Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is 20 bucks at Best Buy

Best Buy is selling Black Ops 4 for 20 bucks. Today only! We have a decent group playing MP and Blackout on the XBox if you’re interested in joining in.

How can anyone say this isn’t a good see? Even if you never touch two modes and only play one, you can’t go wrong @codplayers


I would but physical copy only so I’d have to drive 30 miles to pick it up. Not doing that

I drive 45 min one way to work every day sounds like laziness to me, plus you could team up with lala and drive him insane that’s easily worth 20$ and some gas

Hell have them ship it to you… cant be more than a few dollars. Thatd be the gas money to go pick it up.

@PlayStationPlayers if you were on the fence about buying this… you cant beat this deal. For Blackout alone it’s worth it.

It is lazyness and I’ve done long comutes a bunch. I’m over it. Hate going into city if I can avoid it. Enjoying being more of a home body the older I get.

Ya I get it I’d rather stay home as well

Could try and see if they would ship it at that price

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