Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Black Ops Cold War Dec 14 Patch: Weapon tuning, more

Treyarch has announced that a new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War goes live at 11PM PT on December 14.

This patch update will finalize the prep for Season One, alongside bringing a variety of new weapon tuning updates, bug fixes, and more.

In a series of tweets, Treyarch says that the patch notes for the update will arrive on Dec. 15 when Season One goes live with Warzone.

For now, Treyarch has provided a high level look at what’s in the December 14 patch:

  • Weapon tuning for multiple classes, including tactical rifles
  • Perk tuning, including reducing Flak Jacket protection
  • MP mode updates
  • Spawn improvements
  • Zombies fixes + updates, including 2-player splitscreen
  • PC stability updates

There will be a separate download for Call of Duty: Warzone on December 15 at 11PM PT to bring the new Warzone content and officially kick off Season 1 across all games.

Treyarch revealed they are tuning the Tactical Rifles, but we don’t know exactly what has changed.

This is where content creators such as JGOD come in. He has investigated all of the weapon changes and revealed what’s changed on his Twitter.

Cold War Season 1 weapon changes

JGOD has detailed what weapons have been nerfed and buffed following the final Black Ops Cold War season 1 preparation update. Check out his handy chart below, which gives exact values for what has changed, and reveals if an overall buff or nerf has been applied.


The FFAR has seen the most dramatic change. It’s range and horizontal recoil have both been improved, so it should be a more viable weapon after this update.

Surprisingly, the M16 didn’t get touched. In the last weapon tuning patch, the M16 wasn’t nerfed as hard as the AUG, so it was expected it would get a proper rebalance this time round.

The AUG’s damage has been reduced from 54 to 51. Testing will be required to see how this impacts gameplay, but it’s possible this slight nerf has reduced the AUG’s one-burst potential. Still, it appears the AUG will remain one of the strongest weapons in the game.

JGOD put a disclaimer, saying all SMGs now have the same sprint-to-fire time, but the in-game stats aren’t accurate so more testing will be required.

From what I heard, a lot of the weapon patching was stuff already in the game. Only a few guns saw a new change this patch despite what the Patch Notes say. Like the M16’s changes were already made weeks ago.

Even still, I thought the m16 felt odd last night but I think that was more connection issues. Sometimes I’d get a 1 burst kill. Sometimes I’d hit people with 3 bursts and they were still alive. My first games last night were beyond brutal. Seriously could not win ANY gun fight. Even with Gallow shotgun (and I was shooting first).