Call of Duty Black Ops III update

It has shown up on the Charlie Intell web site and MP 1st that Black Ops III is going to release on Nov. 6th and if you pre-order the game , you will have access to the beta that is coming out . They will announce more on Sunday the 26th after Call of releases more information on the game . This also on a Friday , which is kind of strange for them .

Here’s some MPLAYER info

Activision is supposed to make a full reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 this weekend. However, their great unveiling has been spoiled by leaks of important details about the game.

The first leak, a pre-order poster from GameStop posted on NeoGAF, says that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be debuting on November 6th. That would be a Friday, which is somewhat atypical for North American publishers (they prefer Tuesdays). A Friday release date would make launch marathons a lot easier to pull off, though.

Pre-ordering Black Ops 3 will apparently grant you access to a beta. This beta, according to GameStop’s poster, will be limited to PS4, Xbox One and PC. There’s no mention of when the test will be held, though.

Another set of Black Ops 3 marketing materials leaked through Reddit were even more informative. For starters, they reveal that the main campaign won’t be single-player-only. The campaign will support online co-op for up to four players. Like multiplayer characters, the campaign characters can be fully customized with weapons, abilities and outfits. The game will also track your stats throughout the missions. To make sure that players dive back into the missions over and over, Treyarch is making the levels more open-ended and “arena-style” so that different strategies can be employed.

The competitive multiplayer, meanwhile, will use a “new momentum-based chain-movement system.” Players will climb, slide and leap across the map, presumably with the aid of futuristic cybernetics. I guess Treyarch wants Black Ops 3’s multiplayer to be as agile as Advanced Warfare’s. The maps are being designed to take full use of player’s new movement abilities but can also be approached in the traditional manner as well. Maybe they’re planning a classic playlist with all the agility enhancements turned off?

Multiplayer progression is being reworked as well. In addition to ranking up and earning new attachments for their weapons, players will also master each multiplayer character’s “battle-hardened capabilities and weapons.”

When Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was first announced, the game’s website revealed there will be a zombies mode. This mode is said to feature an all-new story at launch. There’s also a full XP-based progression system so players will become stronger through slaying the undead.

The “reveal trailer” for Black Ops 3 is expected on Sunday at 10 am Pacific, or 1 PM Eastern. Presumably this trailer will include a long look at the shooter’s gameplay. It may confirm some of the leaked details about the campaign but we may have to wait until this summer to find out more about the multiplayer.


I think having a beta will help. Those on the fence can try it out.

This will be the best title since Ghosts, can’t wait.

According to Driftor the Devs said the Beta will be about 2 months before the game is set to go Gold so they can fix things that are reported. Beta will last 8-14 days

in the end put $5 on a preorder at Gamestop and if you don’t like the Beta cancel the preorder

@beers_and_leafs1 come join us on cod aw

Still 2 more dlc to drop, it has life yet.


Damn it !!! I just bought the Xbox One and now I hear this bullshit . Now I will have to save up and buy a PS4 .

I heard this a few days ago, but then heard there may be no early dlc period. Both systems at the same rime.

The Microsoft exclusivity deal ran out with AW. I believe that they will probably release everything at the same time for all systems. However, there are a couple of interesting things that may make this true.

  1. no MS branding in the reveal trailer (something they have always made a point of putting where people can see it)
  2. the pre alpha for the youtubers were played on PS4
  3. Treyarch has already said that the PS4 version is 1080p/60fps. but will not comment on the resolution of the Xbone, only that they are working on it.
  4. PS posted the reveal trailer at the same time as COD and an hour before Xbox(xbox would not have let this happen of their own accord)
  5. Activision has the DLC deal with Sony for Destiny in place already(which worked out well for both companies even though a year is a bit much of a time gap IMO)

Activision liked the exclusivity deal when Xbox was capable of showing the game in its best looking form. This is no longer true, even though games still look good regardless of system you can’t as a company say “first on xbox” when its running 760-900p/60pfs(upscaled to 1080p) and PS4 is running 1080p/60fps(native)

Even though I am on PS4, I hope they do away with dlc exclusivity and just release it across the board for everyone to enjoy at the same time.

Its cuz Xboners (pun intended) believe that if its not gonna be “first on xbox” it shouldn’t be “first for anyone else” LOL