Call of Duty: Days of Summer Event Detailed for Three Different CoD Titles

If you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and/or Call of Duty: Black Ops III, then the newly revealed “Days of Summer” event, which effects each of the mentioned games, is sure to provide you with a different kind of fun over the next few weeks with all sorts of treats in store for those playing these games.

Starting with Modern Warfare Remastered, those who enjoy free loot can earn free “Days of Summer Supply Drops” each week until 10am Pacific on August 1st by simply logging into the game by 11:59PM Pacific on Monday. Should you not log in before this time each week, you’ll miss out on your free drop for the week. As you see in the following screen, these aren’t your typical Supply Drops.

Appearing like beach coolers, there are no ice cold cans of Stella or Budweisers to be found. Instead they’ll contain goodies for your loadout. Included in the drops of goodness will be more than 40 Days of Summer items, such as Weapon Kits, Melee Weapons, Emblems, Camos, Reticles, Calling Cards, and Uniforms. If you manage to complete all of the Days of Summer Collections in Modern Warfare Remastered, you’ll be awarded with the Sun-Soaked Graves character.

As well as the Supply Drops, the Bog map has been given a sunny makeover. The developer goes on to detail what’s changed:

The dumpster fires and night setting have been replaced with a beachside hangout filled with sand castles, colorful seaside graffiti, a surfboard shop, café, and more. There are also four different Days of Summer weapon camos for you to unlock on Beach Bog through challenges that will let you add some beachy bling to your ballistics. However, you must complete the challenges before August 1 at 10am Pacific, because they’ll be packed up when Days of Summer comes to a close.

Prop Hunt will be making a return for the Summer event but in the form of the brand-new Beachcomber edition. On top of the props you already know, beach-themed props such as beach balls, surfboards, sand castles and more will be added to the mix just to add that summer-time-at-the-beach authenticity.

The Days of Summer event will also be running in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and will continue to drop more goodness, including weapons and camos for your beach bag. Log into the game every Monday to claim the free Supply Drop, and also on every Wednesday and Friday for a free item from the event’s collection. On top of this, there will also be event items to grab in the Summer Hack each week as well as Double XP that’s live right now:

Let's kick off the Days of Summer event with 2XP, Double Weapon XP, Double Mission Team XP, AND Double Keys! Now live in Infinite Warfare!

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) June 27, 2017

Developer Infinity Ward will also be adding its roster of characters to Infinite Warfare from its campaign, as well as those from the entire Call of Duty series. This will give players the opportunity to “play the Warfighter Rig as Omar, the Merc as Reyes, Synaptic as ETH.3N, FTL as Salter, Stryker as Price, and Phantom as Ghost”. Lastly, those who play Infinite Warfare between now and 10am Pacific on August 1st can hop on the Turista map from the “Continuum” DLC Map Pack for free.

The third and final title to be involved in the Days of Summer event is Call of Duty: Black Ops III, although this one kicks off later than the other two. Starting at 10am PDT on July 11th through until August 1st, you’ll have the chance to earn the limited Pack-a-Punch ammo and play on all four maps from the “Awakening” DLC for free. If you already own the DLC, you will be able to enjoy Double XP during the event.

Across all three games, there will be special playlists, challenges, and events to take part in. Once August 1st comes along, the sun will set on the Days of Summer event. Take a look at the fun to come in the following trailer:

To finish off, another small patch was released for Infinite Warfare that includes featured and new content being added, general fixes, and more:

Featured Content and What’s New

  • Days of Summer Event!
  • Log on Monday for a Free Supply Drop and every Wednesday and Friday for a free item from the Days of Summer collection! Plus, keep an eye out for new Days of Summer items in the Summer Hack each week!
  • 2XP, Double Weapon XP, Double Mission Team XP, Double Keys - Now live until 7/5!
  • Turista 24/7 Playlist added to the Featured tab (includes TDM, Dom, KC)
  • Turista free to everyone across all playlists!
  • Temporarily removed Genesis from all playlists while we work on a few bug fixes
  • Bounties in Zombies
  • Grandma Knows Best Announcer Pack
  • Hero Rigs
  • Warfighter – Omar
  • Merc – Reyes
  • Synaptic – Ethan
  • FTL – Salter
  • Stryker – Price
  • Phantom - Ghost


  • Trek-50 (single fire ballistic sniper rifle)
  • Proteus (sniper/shotgun combo)
  • M.127 (lever-action shotgun)
  • Gold, Diamond, Solar, Black Sky (non-loot) Progression Body and Heads for All Rigs

General Fixes

  • Fix for a bug where the R-C8 may use an incorrect primary weapon while the player has an empty P-LAW equipped
  • Fix for the progress bar not appearing for some Soul Challenges in zombies
  • Fix for a bug where a player using the Cold Blooded perk would see allied Wardens highlighted red when looking through a thermal scope, using the T.H.O.R.’s thermal vision, or using the Synaptic’s Reaper mode
  • Increased strength of emissive camos (including Black Sky)
  • 'Recently Collected' added to the QM screen displaying recent items
  • Fix for weapon challenges not showing any progress for weapons unlocked via challenges while in splitscreen

The patch is already live for Infinite Warfare.

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