Call of Duty: Ghost 2

Okay we got a possible leak on the next COD Title. it is infinity wards turn this year and the rumor mill is a buzz

here is a link to a possible leaked confirmation. but not all in the gaming community are so sure. some are still hedging there bets against a whole new Call of duty game.

What is everyone’s thoughts on this.

I don’t think it matters, infinity Ward isn’t the same IW that made the Modern Warfare games. Activision knows that they can sell a turd of a game and still make a huge profit from name itself.

Some people preferred ghosts, and perhaps the team needed more time with the new hardware to execute their vision. With IW working on it, and Ghosts ending on a cliffhanger, it’s pretty solid assumption that it’s going to be Ghosts 2, Just like it was an Easy guess that Treyarch was working on Blops 3.

I think ghost was a decent game it was just caught in between console generations. I would like to see how this goes and what trailers come out

Franchise needs a major reboot. It’s gone from twitch shooter to hyper twitch with ridiculous kill streaks. Hell, can’t get a kill streak? We’ll give you a specialist ability.

They need to tone the game down. Slow it down. And I’d love to see some larger maps again. Remember Overgrown on MW2?

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Absolutely. Give me a Remington bolt action, a ghillie suit, and some tall grass!

Fuck that dudes squeaky voice.

As much as I talk about Ghosts, I won’t get this. Cod has gotten too stale for me. Need something different.

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IW’s former lead developer is back as the multiplayer project director, and a few others came back, so IW is rebuilding. That said, I’ll pass on another Ghosts. I didn’t like the first one at all.

It really depends what other MP titles are out in the fall. I’ll talk tough and say I won’t get it but CoD still draws a ton of XB1 GRG. We easily fill up Wednesday night private matches (that’s with BLOPS3 fucktarded code). And if I can get into a private GRG game with 12-18 people, I’ll be happy.

This is what I will be doing with my COD money this year. Officially done. For real this time. I promise. :imp:

After months of waiting and wondering, we can now confirm that the next Call of Duty game is on its way … and it is Ghosts 2! This is not a rumor. This is the real deal.

A few weeks back we reported a leak from a UK magazine called Games TM which ran a short piece on “Call of Duty: Ghosts 2” as one of the most hotly anticipated titles for this year. That was pretty promising, but not enough on its own to qualify as more than a hopeful rumor.
Now we have even more information from Frag Hero, and this time, things are looking very solid.

Frag Hero just ran a piece stating that “a gaming industry leader executive” had confirmed to them that Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 is under development by Infinity Ward, and will be a direct sequel to 2013’s Ghosts.

There are still not a lot of details on gameplay, but here is what we do know:

• Riley will make a return, this time as a playable character.
• There will be a “tremendous” overhaul to the graphics, making it “a lot better” than Ghosts.
• The story will pick up where Ghosts left off.

Activision plans to do an official reveal before E3 and showcase a gameplay demo during the convention. So it won’t be long now before we get our first look at the future of Call of Duty. As usual, the game is slated for a November release date, and will be released for PS4, Xbox
One and PC. Exact dates have yet to be announced, and no word yet on whether there will be a delay for the PC release.

Awesome. It would be cool if we could play as dogs in space, yes, that would be totally awesome.