Call of Duty has generated over $3 billion in revenue in 2020

This is why they are so quick and resourceful when fixing issues.

Activision has announced some impressive new data on the Call of Duty franchise as 2020 continues to be a significant year for the company.

In a new press release, Activision has announced that Call of Duty has surpassed $3 billion in net bookings in the last 12 months alone, marking one of the highest year to date sales for the franchise.

Activision says over the last 12 months fan engagement and premium game sales of Call of Duty has reached an all time high, the highest in franchise history. The company says this is growth is in part thanks to the franchise’s new “shared ecosystem business model.”

Following the record-setting launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the Call of Duty franchise has surpassed over $3 billion in net bookings over the last 12 months with key performance metrics across engagement and premium game sales at all-time, franchise highs over the period.

Activision notes that over 200 million players have played Call of Duty in 2020 alone, across consoles, PC, and mobile. Revenue is also up 80% in 2020 compared to 2019 for the franchise.

The company has stated that November 2020 saw the most players online in the franchise and most hours played ever in the November month.

Across Call of Duty there is strong momentum. Year-to-date increases include net bookings up over 80% and units sold through up over 40% year over year. Over 200 million people have played Call of Duty this year.* On console and PC, the franchise has delivered the highest number of players in recorded history this year, as well as the biggest November ever for monthly players and hours played.*

Activision confirms that Season One, set to begin this month, will ‘transform’ the experience with new, free content for all players to experience.

“The momentum over the last year across the Call of Duty ecosystem from free-to-play Warzoneas well as post-launch support of Modern Warfare, and now to Black Ops Cold War has been incredible,” said Byron Beede, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Call of Duty, Activision. “This is the next great chapter in Black Ops with an amazing campaign, an all-new zombies experience and of course, high-octane multiplayer. Launch is only the beginning. We are focused on building a continuous pipeline featuring a tremendous amount of free, post-launch content and events across the franchise.”

Warzone “will take on a new dimension” with its integration with Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, Activision says. The company also has announced that Warzone has over 85 million players since its March 2020 launch.

Call of Duty players can look forward to the biggest series of post-launch free content, community events and ongoing support ever in Black Ops plus close integration across the ecosystem with Warzone. The free-to-play, free-for-everyone Warzone, which has surpassed more than 85 million players since its launch, will take on a new dimension as it integrates with both Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Season One, coming this month, features brand new content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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Selective bugs. The crashing should of been a priority 1 fix resolved immediately. Instead they focus on Zombies giving out too much weapons XP.

As for 3 billion, did they state where that all comes from? I wonder how well the cash shop does as I think it sucks for 2 reasons. One, it’s too pricey. 20 bucks or so for a skin pack is a bit steep. Sure I bought the OG Ghost, felt ripped off but whatever. Wasn’t buying more at that price. (other than the 20 bucks Australian relief skin but that money went towards charity). Two, the skins are fugly. The majority of them just look awful.

I always felt like this is where Fortnite shined. They were able to produce good looking skins and sell them cheaply. Created quality and sold them in quantity.

What do you @codplayers, @PS4Players, @XBoxGamers think?

No, this is a little bit steep:

An all new CSGO AWP skin is selling for upwards of $1,400+.

CSGO’s newest operation, Broken Fang is now available for players. With this update, plenty of new skin collections have been added to the game.

One of those collections – The Control collection, contains one of the most lucrative skins in the game yet, the AWP Fade.

The AWP Fade is a beautiful finish to a iconic weapon. The Fade is a covert weapon and is extremely rare.

In order to have a chance at getting one, you’ll need to head to the operation store and spend 4 stars to get a random chance to pull this skin out of the control collection. The odds of getting this weapon is less than 1%.

Players only get 10 stars a week for free in the pass, so you’ll only have 2 shots a week to try to get this for free, or spend approximately $3 in stars in-game to try your luck.

Due to this extreme rarity, the weapon is already listed at $1,400 in factory new condition on the steam community market. In Minimal Rare quality, the weapon is listed around $1,300 at the time of writing.

These prices are no stranger to the Counter-Strike community, with weapons like the AWP Dragon Lore being worth around $4,000+ in Minimal Wear condition.

This weapon may skyrocket in price after operation Broken Fang ends, since the Control collection may not be available after the operation ends. Considering only a finite amount of these AWP’s will drop during the operation, it’s entirely possible this could be one of the most expensive skins in a year or two.

The AWP fade isn’t the only fade skin in the game either, joining the Glock, MP7, MAC-11, and knife finish. Recently, the Glock fade has been a skyrocketing skin, attracting similar value due to its rarity, around $900 – $1,000.

That’s a secondary market though, not actual game store.

I know, but still stupid.

Doesn’t surprise me due to COVID-19 for 1. I’m betting a lot of game companies made out good in 2020.

MW wasn’t that bad of a game either. Was the first I had purchased since MW2 on the 360.

They did have a couple of hurdles with this release, besides dealing with the plague. Making it compatible with MW in Warzone, having to work on a new generation of consoles and still work on the old ones. Still, the shut down issue is so prevalent they had to know about it before the release and couldn’t fix it, still can’t. I have not played any game that shut down my console like this one. I wonder if we are going to see more broken releases like this since it doesn’t seem to hurt sales.