Call of duty Infinite Warfare Teaser video


It can eat a dick

I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. As a huge science fiction fan, I actuallh don’t mind the futuristic aspects… But at the same time they have been slacking as far as storyline, originality, ect. since Ghosts. As much as I REALLY want to like it since Call of Duty is a series that I really enjoy, I am going to have to see more before I get the game

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Do you still have Ghosts?

Well, at least now I know why they’re doing a nuketown weekend.

Naw. Sold it when I got ESO

Damn I recently picked up the hardened edition for $14 on Amazon

A Facebook Messenger teaser reveals COD: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer will drop tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST. The code on Facebook is GCNE3MD4GATF, get the details by entering in this code here

The first teaser for this year’s Call of Duty game, supposedly titled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, was revealed yesterday on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, and appears to introduce the title’s mysterious enemy. In the short 30 second teaser trailer, titled ‘Know Your Enemy,’ there is an unidentified man wearing armor repeatedly giving out threats, which he says are from some organization called Settlement Defense Front, who we speculate are Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s antagonists.

“Make no mistake, we will rip you from the history books. Every last trace of you, gone. You will know loss. We will be the architects of your pain. We will build monuments to your destruction. The whole world will bear witness to this – our ascension. We will blot out your skies. We will bury you in darkness. Know this and know us. We are your enemy. We are the Settlement Defense Front,” he chants. The trailer doesn’t directly confirm the name of the upcoming game, so there is no definite confirmation that it will be called Infinite Warfare, although the title did briefly appear on the PlayStation Store page last week. If rumors are true, the title if expected to be officially announced on May 3rd. Visit for more Call of Duty coverage.

Official Trailer


I know the remaster will get a lot of you but I’m out

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I would buy the remaster separately but thats about it. I will wait for a flash sale where infinite warfare it is at least half off. I hope BF reveal is better or it will be a boring fall

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At least on the ground I didn’t see any exo suits.

That game looks boring, let’s find a better community game.

I guess I’ll be the only one playing. This looked like fun to me!

I’ll always play them.

Maps on other planets, interesting. I really need to see the MP footage. I’m sick of the double / triple jump, wall running nonsense that CoD has become. Trailer didn’t show any so hopefully that’s not a thing.

Then MW1. Bring back Crossfire!

confirmed maps so far - Crash, Backlot, and Crossfire.

Maybe they’ll show something on their Twitch stream today?