Call of Duty: Weekly Briefing — August 30

The Lead… Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta Access Is Coming Up!

With the announcement of Call of Duty: Vanguard comes the opportunity for players to jump in on the Early Open Beta Access period. All you have to do is pre-order any edition of Vanguard, digital or physical, before the Beta, and you will receive early access to the Open Beta, first on PlayStation®. The dates for the Open Beta will be revealed in the coming weeks. For more information on how to pre-order, check here.

Black Ops Cold War Playlists for This Week

Meanwhile, Season Five in Black Ops Cold War continues with new Multiplayer playlists being released, starting September 2. Chief among them is the new Season Five Moshpit, which features a mix of respawn modes on the latest 6v6 maps: Echelon, Slums, and Drive-In. This week also brings a new Gunfight Tournament with new rewards to earn, Throwback Moshpit (featuring remastered Black Ops classics, including Drive-In), and Gunfight Blueprints.

Also starting September 2 and running through September 7 is the Season Five Multiplayer & Zombies Free Access period, which will feature several modes and playlists for free. In Multiplayer, players can dive into the new Season Five Moshpit (detailed above), Double Agent (see here for complete details), everyone’s favorite Nuketown 24/7, Throwback Moshpit, Party Games, Multi-Team Moshpit, Gunfight Tournament, Face Off 6v6, and the classic Team Deathmatch. Zombies enthusiasts can also enjoy all the latest Season Five content in Outbreak, and PlayStation players can dive into the Sony-exclusive Onslaught two-player Zombies experience.

Note: Free Access players who upgrade to the full version of Black Ops Cold War during the trial will automatically receive the Season Five Battle Pass + Free Tier Skips as a thank-you for joining the fight!

Looking to level up twice as fast over the long weekend? Jump into an extended 2XP Weekend in Black Ops Cold War, running concurrently with the Free Access period from September 3 to 7.

What’s In Store This Week

First up in this week’s Bundles is Dark Dispatch Maxis, which features the Zombies Operator’s “Noir” Operator Skin. Also included are two Legendary Weapon Blueprints — the “Massacre” Assault Rifle and “Slaughter” Shotgun — as well as the “Slow Decay” Emblem and “Killer Moves” Finishing Move. Rounding out the Bundle are three Epic-level items: the “Decrepit Master” Calling Card, the “Deadshot Daiquiri” Zombies Perk-a-Cola can Charm, and the “Dead Flower” Sticker.

With super-soldier Colton “Stryker” Greenfield set to join the NATO faction this week, players can get their hands on the Tracer Pack: Stryker Operator Bundle. Stryker is always prepared with his gear in top shape, starting with two Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Shuttle Blast” Assault Rifle and the “Solid Effort” Shotgun, both featuring Red Tracer Fire.

Alongside Stryker’s default Operator Skin “Interference,” players can also access the “Road Rash” Finishing Move featuring the RC-XD, the “Fringe” Reticle, the “Battle Focus” Animated Calling Card, the “Detonator” Charm, the “.50 Cal Flip” Gesture, and the “Fire Away” Emblem.

Rounding out this week is the Tracer Pack: Fire Starter Ultra Bundle, a fiery Park-centric Bundle that contains her Ultra “Ember” Operator Skin as its centerpiece. The pack also includes two Legendary Weapon Blueprints — the “Furnace” Assault Rifle and “Incinerator” SMG — as well as the “Smolder” Calling Card and “Fuzzy Feeling” Emblem. Finishing off the set are the “Hot Look” Sticker (with Park’s hair in flames!) and the “Molotov” Charm.