Calling All Tater-Raiders ( Sat,-Xbox-9pm)

Its time to put the Destiny raid (last wish, this time) night back into permanent rotation…so Saturday night let’s plan to group up and get our feet wet…I know we are light leveling and we may need a little light to really be raid ready but we can at least grind on that first encounter and possibly get a chest.

Our usual time is 9pm (gathering) 9:30 start or when we have a group of 6 that signed up here, whichever comes 1st. We have LFG’d open slots and we have had 3 fireteams in different instances over the past year. It really helps us plan for leadership/Sherpa-ship is we can gauge the interest with signups in this thread…signup below @destinyplayers

Disclaimer: We have the most fun and some of the best times doing the Destiny raids…also getting raiding teams together seems to cause some drama…signups get priority over show ups and if we have 7 or 14 signup there may not be a slot for everyone, even if you show up 1st on Saturday(cuz you signed up up last at 8:58pm). I personally promise you i try to get everyone into the Raid i can, Thank you for your understanding.


What’s the recommend light lvl for the new raid?


550 recommended light for the raid I think. I will be on for this. Only LL 520 so far but ready to start plugging away at it.

You can count me in…

I’m scratching 525 now. No way I’m even close to 550 by Saturday. I’d like to go attempt but it may be best to wait to get closer. It’s going to be a serious fucking grind to get to 550.

I’m in. 525 as of last night but I still have a lot of powerful engrams to grind hopefully I’ll be closer to 530 by Saturday.

I’m in, 514 LL now but I will be higher by Saturday hopefully 520 at least

Really need to get a headcount prior to saturday. Sign up here if interested.


Count me in…

I’m in

I’m at 522 on my Titan, I would be interested in giving it a whirl

I’m game

Sniper T1 and Destroyer are in. If we are short or have a couple too many we can LFG a noob group.



This looks like the list in signup order

We had a great start for raid Saturday’s for year 2…we got the mechanics and went to the cool new room and entered one of the warp codes (think underbelly) and we got a hidden chest…rumor has it there are 15 different codes that more than one end in “secret” chests…we were under level so we did not make much progress on Kali but I think the 6 of us understand the mechanics of the encounter. Thanks for the run:
@Ronin (heartless)

Btw heartless and soulless need to be permanent partners cuz they were good together and their gts match well

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It was a fun time even though we didn’t get anywhere it was funny platforming the bridge

Glad we did it. Good time as always on raid night.