Calling all Tenno!

I need some volunteer Tenno to Sherpa me around so I can find some Strange Drones in the Grineer Sealabs. Running through missions with randoms is just brutal as they get so far ahead and trigger their appearance. I can’t seem to run these missions solo as I just run out of all ammo.

I need to run missions on Uranus (queue the jokes), so I’m looking for people powerful enough to handle that.

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what platform?

i can hop over in a minute or two if you’re still up.
@EnyoBellona he’s on xbox

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I’m offline now. I’ll have to figure out a time.

Yikes! I just logged on to see how shit my setups are.
That’s gonna take some grind to fix…
I should be fine for what you need help with though.

Any time I am on hit me up @Lala_Calamari

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When the fuck are you on? lol.

Stupid drones. Just need to get that so I can continue quests.

I should be on tonight around 9 pm

I’m a maybe around that time. I’ll be playing taxi tonight for the kids. Not sure when or where I’ll be. Hopefully we can meet up as I just need to scan a fucking drone.

Ok no prob that is easy

I can’t sherpa you but I can help.

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