Certain Vaults now accessible in Call of Duty: Warzone

Following the newest patch update for Call of Duty: Warzone on May 19, Infinity Ward has added in the ability to open some of the vaults/bunkers across the map using Key Cards to enter.


THE VAULT (with key card) #Warzone

FaZe Dirty (@FaZeDirty) May
19, 2020


Users have been able to get into new locations on the map now, and found new loot boxes, areas to get more items, and more teasers as Season 4 of Modern Warfare approaches in early June.

Users have also found telephones inside the new bunkers which ring and a Russian voice speaks with morse code in the bunkers:


The voice translates to:

“All forces, the base is captured! Change the encryption!” “Right away!” “Roger.” “…They’re getting closer!”

Inside the bunker, users have also found a Nuke sitting in its case (via @ModernWarzone).