Character and gun skins in games

So I recently saw a post here about how some players thought skins in competitive gaming gives unfair advantages and should be regulated in rainbow six siege so I thought I’d get an Idea of what the community thought about this with a poll.

  • They give advantages
  • They dont give advantages
  • Stop whining who cares

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I voted my general answer but TBF there are some comp games where having the only entirely black outfit or a smaller hitbox could actually make a difference.

I’m thinking more of the player than the weapon here though.

@Lala_Calamari approves cause his favorite is Barbie dress up!

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It depends. I’m not sure about Rainbow Six as I don’t play it but I do know the goofy day glow skins in Call of Duty give a massive disadvantage. I’ve seen so many Dopes in Blackout trying to hide In a dark building only to have their shiny, glowing weapon skin give them away.

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Rainbow 6 doesn’t have those types of skins as far as I know and in my opinion people should adapt to thier situation and not complain when they cant find someone. I’m not gonna walk into a war zone wearing obvious colors I’m gonna try to blend in with every advantage I can get. I usually have the same take in video games but sometimes i do find it fun to run a stupid ass character skin that’s too bright and flashy.

Edit: to that point I guess I do think they can give advantages but when I chose that they dont I’m thinking more in line of an unfair advantage. Anyone can run a skin if they do it to you do it back dont demand stupid ass regulations because some guy was smarter

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Yeah I think it really depends. Some times you have an advantage to an extent and some times a disadvantage (Stag Helmet in Destiny) but most of the time it’s all about the player.

Most of the time that’s the case but occasionally some people just dont pay attention. I hopped in some solos last night and was running from the circle and came up on someone but could only hear him… I layed in the grass and if that dumbass didnt circle around and he jumped right over me and started to run away and well he got shot in the back.

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