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Hey everyone, just checking in as a new member. I am currently playing Destiny 2 and trying to decide if I want to buy the expansions and season pass, I really need to learn more about gear and stat builds.
Hope to see you all out there.


Welcome to GRG!

You are in the right place to grow destiny 2! @valiantvictory is a pro destiny brain!

Welcome to grg we have alot of members that are on the destiny 2 fad and im sure some of em can help you learn the best stat builds for ya

Yes the builds really come into play when you are at 950-960 base ll(power before artifact bonus)

There are a few build posted in discord…but most of us are just getting to that “max light” so we are experimenting with what we like and don’t like atm…that said is you still are in the grind or just playing…look for me, on on every night with few exceptions and we party up…so once we get you in the clan look for the big group…we may be in separate fire teams but we tend to run big parties and share a lot of info…while we game…

Eyes up guardian

I am off and on during the day but am in most evenings after dinner.


Welcome to the clan!

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to grg

welcome to the community


I see you also mentioned Warframe and Apex on Xbox.

Not sure if @quantumklutz still plays Warframe, I think a couple play Apex sometimes but Destiny 2 definitely has a large group here who are committed and playing regularly.

yep, I also have minecraft, seven days to die and elite dangerous though I dont play them much any more.

Minecraft might still have a few / some go back occasionally. Not heard much on the others recently though.

Welcome to GRG