Chicago Playstation users facing cloud tax of 9%

It is only the beginning.


Yea I hope this stays in Chicago but that would just be hope. Chicago is desperate for money so not surprised.

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We had to accommodate a beverage tax on pop, water, and the like for a couple of groups in Cook County (downtown Chicago and surrounding areas). Tons of work for a tax that basically was determined by the type of beverage (non alcoholic, that was a separate tax) and the size. It was a pain in the ass, and dead within 2 months when the courts threw it out. The funny part was when we went to Chicago on vacation when it first went into effect, we stayed at a hotel on the border of Cook County, and there were ads everywhere about how you didn’t have to pay the tax at their area c-stores to attract people a few blocks away where you had to pay. It was idiotic. They tax the shit out of everything.

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Amusement Tax? Are you fucking kidding me?

Are they losing tax revenue from people cutting the cord?

Well those inner city Chicago kids that cant afford the tax will just have to go back to committing crime to amuse themselves. Fucking Government

I live in Chicago and yep we broke. it’s ok though JB is about to legalize recreational marijuana so 1) that’ll give us an influx of money that hopefully they can cool it on taxes and 2) everyones gonna be a lot more chill.


they will never cool it on taxes.

What a joke. In laws said they want to take the family to Chicago next year. Wasn’t to happy when I said I don’t wanna go to that hell hole (MIL was born and raised there)