Childhood's End Starts tonight

I just came across this. It was an ad on @Klown4Life Youtube video. It is a 3 night event that starts tonight on SyFy. Looks cool.


I will give it a try though I am concerned with a lot of dialog that doesn’t go anywhere from watching that trailer.

going to have to DVR that.

Yep, DVR worthy.

Just finished the first episode and on to the second. Pretty good hook at the end to want to continue on.

Just watched this mini-series and I was pleasantly surprised. I binged on it this past weekend. Loved it. Worth a look!

i dont know. I had an issue with the ending.

[spoiler]It was like an exercise in futility. So this hive conscious sends out these devil looking creatures to other intelligent life and just absorbs them and entire planet. The end. Oh but were not going to show you what happens until the very end cause the guy (what i guess is now the main protagonist, switching from the "chosen one with the dead wife issues) decided to go to the aliens home planet and waste 40 years.

Why all the foreplay?

I cant remember any names and i don’t care to look them up. [/spoiler]