Christmas Loot Thread

So what did all you heathens get? Anyone get some good loot? New GRG sponsored Lag switch or GRG Sponsored Fleshlight? Let us know!

I got a shiny new XBox X. I figured I would as I sat on Santa’s lap and threw a tantrum about it. I also bribed the youngest with my old XBox if I get a new one.

Also got a Behringer UMC202HD USB Audio interface. A toy for our Podcast. I record on a Linux laptop and I’m hoping to control my gain a bit.

And finally, what Christmas would be complete without a fresh pair of Ugg slippers. I’m now on Tom Brady’s level. You neanderthals aren’t worthy of these so don’t judge.


I did not know I needed these until i got them (I came from turtle beach)…my family does love me


Assassins Creed Origins
Rise of the Tomb Raider
I spent 25 bucks on myself and grabbed Farming Simulator 17 Platinum edition

Also had a drone for 10 minutes until it lost connection to my remote and flew off on its own and into an icy lake


Miter saw, orbital sander, Nintendo 2DS XL with a few games. That’s about it.

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Main thing that is GRG relevant would be WWE 2K18.


I asked for peace on earth

Hyper X Cloud Alpha headsets
Nice wine decanter and stand
Le Creuset 3.75qt brassiere
Wireless meat thermometer
Couple shirts etc.

Good year all around…


PS4 Pro
Persona 5
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
Adidas Sandals
Hyper X Cloud Alpha Pro (gift to myself)

I also got the back half of my racing rig. So the seat, back frame, and the mat. So now it is complete. Just need to install the ButtKicker.


Damn dig that’s sweet racing setup. I got new Sony 900e 55 inch and some luggage. I hate to travel so luggage will migrate to basement and I know she def didn’t want me asking for that tv. Lol oh well. Xbox x looks pretty sweet on new tv. Forza just looks insane.

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Forza with the X and 4K is nuts. It really is lifelike.

I have the same tv. It’s been great so far.

My lovely wife left me some AirPods under the tree and tickets to see war horse to :hugs: and my Xmas money I got a bb8 razor.


Is that just a sphere covered with blades?

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Nope this is it .


Yeah I like it so far. I just need to balance out the colors more. I got it set up so everything looks nice game wise except BF2. That game loads up nice but something somewhere gets changed and washes out the colors. Other than that it’s a good tv.