Cities Skylines Parklife Expansion

So, it appears Cities: Skylines is getting an expansion that adds Roller Coaster Tycoon aspects to it. Interesting.

I think it hits PC first, then console down the road.

Yeah, base game is out on console but this expansion only mentions PC.

Can’t find any confirmation of later release to console, but could just be a bit too far down the road.

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I can’t do this type of game on console. I tried SimCity on Nintendo ages ago and just couldn’t get used to a controller for this type. I need keyboard and mouse for city/park sims.

Oh, I have no idea.

Pretty sure D1G, JH, Jammer and NailBunny bought it - but all were buying for PC.

I don’t remember getting too frustrated with Theme Park but generally I agree with you.
True of most strategy / RTS games too.