Civilization VI coming to Consoles in November

2K Games has announced that Civilization VI is coming to consoles on November 22nd of this year. Civilization VI is the first Civilization game to be launched on Xbox and PlayStation consoles since 2008.

Civilization 6 was released on PC back in 2016 and has made it to pretty much every other major platform since. The game has been ported over to the Nintendo Switch as well as Linux and even iOS.

Coming with the console release is the Civilization VI Expansion Bundle. This includes the Rise and Fall DLC that adds new Golden and Dark Ages, and the Gathering Storm DLC which is touted as “the most successful expansion in franchise history” and introduces the player to an active planet where geology and the climate present new challenges.

Civilization VI launches on Xbox One on November 22nd.


I was thinking about losing up a Civ game. Now I think I will wait for this!

I used to play strategy on consoles (Red Alert: Command and Conquer was one of my first PS titles).

Now the idea of scrolling across a map or through UIs with a controller rather than k&m is unappealing.

I stick to PC for my strategy titles.