Clan night: It's only gay if you make it edition.

The usual Wednesday night shenanigans. Throw a line out about what you’re playing. Oh and show the new guys some love.

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Hoping we can get a full room for CODAW on the XB1 like last week. Hey, @HAWKLANDER, you in?

If its at audible’s Mom;s house not much video games will be played. I hear she puts on quite the show.

Edit: Will be on COD:AW on the Xbox one

May be some videos, and some “games” but no video games, right?

Sitcks and stones , for life

With Audible’s mom, you spend the night trying to capture “B”.

Destiny on PS4… looks like I’ll have to raid by myself because everyone did it last night

Brand new member here. I will be on Destiny PS4 tonight. Not sure exactly what I will be doing yet. Just hit level 20 and I am attempting to get a handle on what to do next to be able to complete the first expansion and be ready for the second.

Gamertag: Stirny37

Will follow the masses on XB1, sounds like CoD:AW

Fucking hell, I’m in for CoD AW again. It was Ragetastic last week.

I just picked up the first Eris Morn mission. Should I bother equipping one of the faction reputation items or should I just focus on the Vanguard reputation?

Cool, thanks for the tip. I am having some trouble with the first quest being a fresh 20, I am getting my butt kicked. I will keep working towards it. Sorry for hijacking this post.

I will be kicking the ass of cod aw this evening.

I’ll jump in for some COD on the XBone.

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What’s the PS4 crowd playing tonight?

On the Xbox One , playing COD AW and shooting campers in the crotch with a shotgun .

True but Audible prefers the “D”

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Destiny on PS4 I’m sure I’ll find some aliens to shoot.

Just logged on. I requested to join the PS4 Destiny Clan via the Bungie website. Not sure if there are any other steps I need to complete. I am up for whatever, I know I am probably a little lower level than most but let me know if there is anything I can help out with!