Clan Night Recruits Jan 28

These are the people who recently joined. please add them to your friends lists and get them involved in your games tonight.

DarthSabious - CODAW
cridkid - Destiny CODAW
Nolex20 - GTA Destiny
Syrch- - Destiny
captain_kek - Destiny, GTAV, FIFA 15
nola_saints_guy - CODAW
Staked42 - Destiny Fifa
ScienceRabbit - CODAW
AlphaMack - Destiny CODAW

Djmeha - Destiny
Belushi - Destiny
Giddy Ninja - "Everything"
jasonbourne722 - Destiny
A1 Crapy Player
MrGuster - Forza Diablo CODAW Halo MCC
Agent Orange003 - Destiny BF4
utkstryker - Destiny
Roscoe_wizzle - Destiny
Syrch2183 - CODAW


Dude is an asshole anyway.

See I am such an asshole I took down Live.

How am I able to join in with you guys? I received a couple of friend requests…I’m online now for a while.

Apparently playstation is up but xbox is down. Go figure, it crashes after the update to COD. Probably could have taken even odds in Vegas on that happening.

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Loaded up CoD but it fails at the MP area. Likely will go off to GW2 for the night.

Slight correction please.

I dont have GTA anymore on PS4 (waiting on the PC version).

I also play BF4 on PC and Xbox One.

And I occasionally play CODAW on PC when Live is down.

Oh and P.S. it’s Syrch- (with a hyphen on the end on PSN)

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oh damn… wonder who syrch is…

Dunno but that bastard took my name on both PSN and XBL

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