Clan Nights Now Community Nights


Talking with the staff and thinking about a better way to handle “Clan Nights”. With as large as we are now unifying a particular game is very difficult. What we need now is game leaders and setup a “gaming schedule” where that game leader sets a night per week where they will be on to get a party together. This would go for all gaming platforms.

I feel we really need to start thinking about this as a gaming community instead of a say a clan.

What is a Game leader?

A person that plays a specific game weekly and is proactive in getting a party together. A person that any GRG member can join on for that night scheduled. This is so members know that a person will be on for that game.

I would like to see staff members be this type of person as well as any GRG member that is willing to step up.


So what I am asking for. The game leader would pick one night out of the week where they can pretty much dedicate themselves to playing a particular game /game mode on that night. (This means no bailing if no-one shows up in the first 5 mins either) We would then have this schedule posted in the forums, in the calendar and the newsletter. Keep it updated and accurate. If a game leader cant make a night need to make sure it posted as such and hopefully find a sub.

For example:

Grex - XBOX - Destiny Crucible
Audible - PS4 - COD:AW
Digital - XBOX - GTA:V missions

Lala -XBOX - BF4
Gunny: - WII - My little Pony ranch

DisneyNut - Xbox -COD:AW


Game leaders need to be dedicated though. This will not work with out you. You will even get a fancy title and have special access to the glory hole, You know… as a benefit.

So I am calling on all GRG members to step up for the community. If you know you normally play Destiny on Tuesday nights then let announce that.

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typically i can play Wed and thurs, usually sundays… in saying that i can say i will be on those nights but i can’t im going to be playing GTA for the next 6 weeks either… when battlefield comes out a lot of us will be playing that, and then there is also borderlands…

guess what i am saying it i can def host games, and i can make an event for each week, but wont always be the same game… I also have no problem hosting a night for a game that a few people wanna play. I still wanna play PVZ with a group, and a few of the lesser known indie titles that have been released for free.

I’m currently on pretty much every evening playing gw2 on pc.

as far as destiny i feel like Tuesdays should be used for the weekly thing that gives the bonus XP. then a raid if time allows. another night like thurs for other raids… or maybe sunday. but tues is a very good night to kick off destiny.

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+1 For the My Little Pony Ranch reference for Gunny!


I would like to start a PC night, deciding on what to play is the problem. Also, are we switching to Hardline on Tuesdays?

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Some ideas that came up today in chat:

Group specific leaderboards (multiple games/x platform) -preferably automatically generated somehow (like but filtered to clan members)

Raid races (2 teams start at same time) Streamed on twitch - chat room cheering and smack talk encouraged

Tourneys - kinda need to stick to games with private matches (I think)

Forum flair (badges, titles, etc) for winners/achievements

GTA heist nights -

Moar Cowbell

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I’d love to do tournaments. Only issue is the private lobbies, which really only CoD has.

Forum Flair. The forum has that capability. Not sure how to implement it. You mentioned winners / acheivements, any more detail? GRG is like the special olympics, we’re all winners. Give me some ideas. BTW, not sure how this fixes Clan nights or community nights. lol

Leaderboards??? Not sure we can do that other than manually. We’d need an automatic way of populating that.

GTA Heists will be a thing. Heists are 4 players, so I’ll need people to step up and run heists.

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Forum Flair for Discourse is called badges. While Discourse forums rock, they do have some odd features. Notice how there is no User Signatures? That’s because Discourse nerdy devs didn’t like them and instead hid them as [User Cards] 1. Right click on a Avatar and you’ll see it. The User card is where Badges show up. I think we just have the default ones.

I mentioned this awhile ago and thought it would be pretty awesome. I still think it would be.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I will start putting a schedule together. Should have something by the end of the week.

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Jesus, Dixon…that sounds like it will take longer to figure up than it takes to get into a GTA Online game.

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Private lobbies are also for fucking aground. That’s how zombies began. Ppl in halo two were having private matches. Guy starts with sword everyone else shotty. Then ppl did it in cod. Now look, modes that shop with gangs based on it.

Can’t do that inbpublic lobbies. Can’t even do something fun like pistols only. Sparrow racing. … nothing

how would you get 3v3? if you have have 6 ppl you can enter with 3 and keep asking the others to “join the game” when other ppl leave, but no way of knowing what team that would get on, mostlikely the same team as the friends they are joining.

Private lobbies in Destiny would be a good time. Wish they would of added it.

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