Clan Wars and 2xp this weekend.

Now is your time to max out @LalaCalamari

I’m close, I should hit it soon. Maybe tonight. Then what? Prestige?

Might as well…then aim for next prestige by the time BLOPS 3 comes out.

I probably won’t prestige because of the clan wars this weekend. Don’t want to gimp my equipment.

Well, if I get drunk then who knows…

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Yeah, me either. :-1:

Can i get a clan invite? X GunnyBass X

Going to play a lot this weekend , can’t do anything else because of all the rain that we have had here ( 14 inches in 9 days )

Can low level participate?

Yes, but not you.


Ok… I’ll go drink

wish they would stop having 2xp during clan wars

I assumed you were already in it.

I sent one.

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My apologies beers… Had not got into this one until now. Sorry and thank you

And with that, I’m officially retired from CoD:AW. I’m done with the game.

@Lala_Calamari the matches were so fucked up tonight…I’ve never been stomped that bad that many times in a row…

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What was the final placing in Platinum division for this clan war?

As of mow…4th. The one clan had almost everything capped before most of us got home from work Friday. And Sunday morning when I hot on I could see that they were playing and capping at 4,5,6 and 8 am.

Fuck that, I’m not that dedicated to winning some XP.

That’s for the Timmies, ain’t doing that no way. It just get’s crazy when you go above 6-10 cap, should leave there regardless of who’s participating next time.

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Showing us in 2nd place right now on Xbox. RPG clan is just full of try hards.


Sunday night was truly a damn nightmare !!! Never ever had that many bad games , in a row , like that . There had to be something wrong with connections last night . I mean you could shot at someone and they would not die . Tags would vanish way to fast and bases were getting capped faster for the other team . I call bullshit !!!