Clan Wars

The next Clan Wars starts Friday the 16th and ends on the 19th. Remember, the first 13 players online are the ones that count for our totals, so if you’re gonna play some this weekend get on early.

as far as PS4 players go. i might drop it lower than 15… gotta check recent activity but it seems activity is down.

@beers_and_leafs you mean the first 13 people out of the 66 members that sign on Friday are all that are counted? That seems shitty

@deSoldier2001 yes. SH games decided to change it from Actinve/inactive members to “First X amount of people that play count.”

Pros- less of a chance of somebody not particpating.

Con - set it to 15 and somebody that doesnt even knw there is a clan war jumps on for a bit and takes up a spot that somebody playing all war was going to use…


Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Date: 01/16 03:00 pm to 01/19 12:00 am

        Starts: 1 day, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 42 seconds

Placing 1st in Gold, Platinum, or Diamond will earn your clan the next piece in the Centurian EXO suit.

I’ll be on around 7 or 8 friday.

I’m down for clan wars, lets get it!

Edit: wooo lfg

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May or may not be on Friday.

Will prolly log on to see what’s happening then jump off for entire weekend.

I can play Friday and Sunday night

damn. fun travel or shitty travel?

Good job!

Yep, good show this time around boys. I wish I could’ve gotten on more.

WolfoftheNorth2 - 42 Wins :+1:
TDM - 1
HC DOM - 29
Link - 5
KC - 4
DOM - 3

MadMax2045 - 28 Wins
TDM - 20
HC DOM - 8

Grex - 17 WIns
TDM - 4
HC DOM - 4
Link - 2
KC - 4
DOM - 3

beers and keafs - 12 Wins
HC DOM - 4
Link - 3
KC - 4
DOM - 1

Disneynut68 - 12 WIns
TDM - 4
HC DOM - 5
DOM - 3

CommonwealthEd - 12 WIns
HC DOM - 10
Link - 1
DOM - 1

JGriffey74 - 11 WIns
TDM - 3
KC - 3
DOM - 5

AHobbs2121 - 9 WIns
TDM - 5
Link - 2
KC - 2

CaptainPeeJ - 5 WIns
HC DOM - 2
HC TDM - 3

WetButCake - 3 Wins
HC DOM - 2
Link - 1

kaigman763 - 2 WIns
HC DOM - 1
KC - 1

Lemon Peppa - 2 WIns
TDM - 2

Would have liked to have played more but weekends are the worst time for me to play.

PS4 team also took 1st by a few points. even tho we locked down 4 points on friday, the other guys kept losing and winning another point and started catching up.

maybe time to think about diamond division… dunno what the advantage would be tho.

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It’s lame imo that they came so close just because they were capturing other nodes even though we had 4 on lock most of the time. I haven’t really looked into the scoring system but it makes more sense to get more points holding down more nodes than just winning and losing them. Congrats all around, I believe our Clan Wars record is 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st. Lets keep it going!

yeah i almost looked into the scoring las tnight but i figured it was too late.

we are indeed. 3 1sts and 1 2nd.

we also won the war with only 12 players.

Good job x1’rs

Don’t quote me, but I think:
Diamond is over spread a couple of days like reg clan wars but is broken down into 4 hour blocks and is hyper competitive(since Clans can opt into it from winning in platinum). If we had a stable amount of people that could be on no matter what that would be good, but since unfortunately we all have lives and obligations that keep us from getting on I don’t see how we will stand a chance. you usually get a special piece of gear for coming in 1st place on top of what everyone else gets in regular clan war(centurion). My two cents is that Platinum is a good division for us but I’m down for whatever.

hmmm… well i think i saw that the diomond war starts jan 30th… but i could be wrong. i like 4 hour blocks. thats like one good session. but if it starts at like 2 eatern we are screwed.

yeah the 4 hour blocks are very restrictive IMO. I like being able to jump on anytime during the clan war and play. though it does give everyone advanced notice of when to be on. There are pluses and minuses i guess

except for me… leather helmet FTW