Class-Based Battle Royale Realm Royale Goes Into Console Beta

Class-Based Battle Royale Realm Royale Goes Into Console Beta

Another battle royale game will soon be landing on consoles: Hi-Rez Studios’ Realm Royale. The free-to-play game is scheduled to enter closed beta next week. Realm begun as a battle royale mode for Paladins: Champions of the Realm before Hi-Rez spun Realm into its own game.

With battle royale games costing a dime a dozen the past few years, players are looking for what makes one different than the rest. Realm features class-based gameplay and five unique classes — which stemmed from its Paladins roots — and the ability to craft weapons instead of the traditional drop and loot systems that are staples of the genre. Lastly, after taking enough damage, instead of being downed, injured players turn into helpless chickens with the ability to run around before the enemy player finishes them once and for all, which has created some hilarious moments on live streams.

Of course, the traditional battle royale elements are in place: 100 players on one map, the ever-closing play area and the fact that the game is only over when there is one player, or team, left standing.

Realm Royale enters a closed beta on consoles the week of July 30th. To sign up, head over to the official website.

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this is a fun game. been playing it on PC. Its no Fortnite killer but i like the mechanics in this game with the forge. It is unique in that aspect.

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When is this beta coming? I’d love to try it out before the fall titles drop.

It’s fun. I played a few hours but not recently since several balances and patches. Need to try it again. Not sure when it’s coming to console.

Damn, missed this.

Have you tried it? I’ve seen game play on Pc and just wondering how it translates to console. It’s a shame it took so long, I’m afraid it may not hang with the other BR titles.

Yes that is correct.

As for controller vs gamepad. It depends on how well auto aim works.

I played on PC. Game is fun. Forge mechanic is unique. Also the skills can make a difference in a fight. I liked the auto turrent.

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Open beta is live on consoles.

anyone going to trying this out? personally i am too into Blackout right now. but if we can get a squad going i will give it a go.

I can see this porting quite nicely based on the gameplay i have done on PC.

I’ve played it a couple times, seems alright alternative to fortnite, funny once you get shot. the characters seem to move slow to me though so that is one thing i don’t like about it. the map seems pretty big, which just means getting better at the game will take a little longer since its more spread out. never really got to the crafting part in the few games i played. seems like it is pretty difficult to get what you need in the early game and then you are running to the zone before you’d have time to craft things, but maybe as it closes in its better