COD Battle Royale

God he is annoying as fuck, but…

that actually does look like its fun to play


You know it’s coming to CoD. It’s the new hawtness.

Like I said at the beginning of the year, all of the AAA shooters will have a Battle Royale mode this year.


@anon42851937 - did you hear how she kept pronouncing Battle Royale?

That’s how to say it.

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They better make some bigger maps. BR on a COD map would suck nuts.

honestly with the limited amount of players, this is not much different that FFA mode with pickups.

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However, that is just BETA so there could be more, and there is also no revive still. So even though it’s less players by a lot, and will have some of that CODness we like. It will still be one life and the intensity that comes with it.

She sounded like a robot. I don’t trust her.


I beg to differ…I could listen to her talk about anything.

That you like. :grin:

LOL at the Eel Gun. You have to keep the Eel alive by feeding it for the gun to work, what?

I didn’t know if she was just fucking around at that point?

Yeah fair point, I thought that too.

Maybe she kept fucking it up so they had to dub over with an automated voice using correct pronouncation on some words?

Well, she did keep fucking up by saying “royale”.

I am not the only one that likes COD

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You don’t say. I was being silly.

I know, I’m not that dumb.