COD Raids

Clans, expect to be challenged
like never before with Clan Raids coming to the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Companion app. Raids are unique time-based challenges where success earns acclaim via our Clan Raids leaderboards and new Clan Raid-exclusive in-game gear like the Equilibrium set. Clan members will use Clan Tokens earned since launch to participate in Clan Raids and reap the rewards if successful.

Play at Any Time
Raids can be initiated by your Clan Leader at any time, allowing you to play when you want. Choose a squad, select the Raid, and complete a diverse set of objectives in a race against the clock. New Raids will be added over time, so there’s always a new challenge to look forward to when using the Call of Duty Companion app, whether it’s cooperating with your Clan in Raids or fighting for top spot in Clan wars.

Clan Raids Preview
Raids will launch as a Clan Raids Preview on March 9th for Diamond Division Clans that have earned a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place win in any Diamond Division war before March 9th. During the Clan Raids Preview we will be tuning the Raids for the best experience. Thereafter, we will open Clan Raids to the public, where the exclusive Equilibrium set will be made available. Stay tuned as we release more information
and preview eligibility requirements in the coming weeks.

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Raids can be initiated by clan leader…

Ugh… Why not co leader?

More up to date info…

Calling all Diamond Division Clans! The Clan Raids Preview begins today, and Clans with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place Diamond Division win under their belt can now start testing the feature before it goes live to the public. Choose a squad, select the Raid in-app, and race against the clock.

Clan Raids Rules
Clan Raids are timed, objective-based challenges of varying difficulty that, unlike Clan Wars, can be started at any time and offer unique rewards. The current list of Clan Raids can be found in the Raid Vault. We’ll be opening up new raids on a regular basis, so check back often for new challenges.

Clan Tokens and Raid Enlistment Clan
Tokens are a new item added in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare. Clan Tokens can be seen both in the War Room and in your Clan Profile. In order to participate in a raid, Clan members must enlist prior to the
start of the raid, using their own Clan Tokens. When a Clan’s Commander (or Lt. Commander) starts a raid, they will only be able to include Clan members who have previously enlisted. If you don’t have enough Clan Tokens to enlist in a particular raid, don’t worry! Clan Tokens can be earned in multiple ways. Winning in a Clan War awards tokens to everyone in your Clan who participates. You’ll also acquire Clan Tokens by leveling up your Clan (up to a max of 1800). Lastly, certain Clan Raids will award Clan Tokens.

Starting a Raid Clan
Commanders and Lt. Commanders can start Clan Raids at any time. When starting a Clan Raid, leaders must select Clan members to be included on the Raiding Squad. Your Raiding Squad is the list of members who will count for participating in the raid, and you cannot add additional members to the squad once the raid has begun. This is important as the objectives within a raid will scale based on the size of your Raiding Squad. Your Raiding Squad also determines who receives rewards – only participating Raiding Squad members will be rewarded at the end of a successful Clan Raid. When a Clan Leader opts to start a raid, a 5-minute timer begins. Once the timer has expired, the raid is live and wins will begin to count. Note that a Clan can only have one active raid at a time.

Difficulty and Objectives
Raid objectives are tailored to the size of your raiding squad. As you add more members to your raiding squad, the number of wins required to complete the raid scales up. This is to ensure that all Clans,
regardless of size, have an opportunity to participate and enjoy Clan Raids. You will need a Clan of at least 3 members to participate, similar to Clan Wars. Raid objectives will consist of different multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare. Certain Clan Raids require you to complete objectives in a specific order, while others allow you to complete objectives in any order. Review the raid objectives and plan out your attack before starting!

Ending and Replaying Raids
A Clan Raid ends when all objectives have been completed or when time runs out. If you run out of time before completing all the objectives, the Clan Raid is considered failed and no rewards are granted. If your Clan completes the objectives within the time limit, the Clan Raid is considered a success and rewards will be granted within 60 minutes. Regardless of the scenario, when a Clan Raid ends, the After Action Report (in the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Companion App) will report the results. You can choose to replay Clan Raids, whether you succeed or fail. It should be noted that certain types of rewards (like gear rewards) can only be earned once.

Only participating Raiding Squad members will be granted rewards for a successful Clan Raid. There are currently four types of rewards that your Clan can acquire from Clan Raids.
These are:
Clan XP
In-game Gear
Clan Tokens
Enlistment to other Raids

Over the life cycle of Clan Raids, we are planning to add more and more exciting rewards. Stay tuned to this News Feed and @BeachheadStudio on Twitter for further updates!

Raid Points and Leaderboards
When a Clan successfully completes a Clan Raid, they are awarded Raid Points for that specific raid. Raids Points are a score that determines your Clan’s place on the raid leaderboard. Every unique Clan Raid has its own leaderboard, and the best performing Clans will be displayed front and center. In addition to the unique Clan Raid leaderboards, there is also a Global Raid Leaderboard. The Global Raid Leaderboard compiles all of your Raid Points from every Clan Raid to show who is truly dominating. We expect it to take serious coordination and effort to the rise to the top of the Global Clan Raid Leaderboard. Replaying raids gives your Clan extra chances to beat previous best scores. We only record your Clan’s best score, so keep testing yourselves! Note that bonus Raid Points are awarded for completing a raid quickly and for participating with a large Raiding Squad. Every point counts when shooting for the top spot, so plan accordingly.

Good luck!

Commanders and Lt. Commanders can start Clan Raids at any time.

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But they only have 5 minutes to select the crew

Unoriginal, ugggghh, raids sound booorrinng, but I’ll probably end up playing anyways just for time wasting.

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