CoD World at War 2????

Well this is mildly interesting. The next installment of CoD could be World at War 2.

Developer Treyarch is reportedly planning to reveal Call of Duty: World at War II later this year, according to an alleged teaser poster leaked online.

I’m not sure how true this is but there’s been rumors that CoD is going back to WW2 for awhile now. W@W one of my favorite CoD titles for clan night. It’s where the Sandy Vag match was created.

I’d like to see them slow CoD way the fuck down. Increase Time To Kill. And no fucking dogs. I hate Treyarch’s dogs with a passion.

Be nice if they old schooled it a bit and not have super enhanced 1940s soldiers from some secret program.

That’s my biggest worry with a W@W 2: Some time travel/aliens arc where the WWII soldiers are suddenly a Speakeasy inhabiting version of Master Chief.

If it’s a straight up sequel with gameplay like W@W, then I’m in. I got in late with W@W, but it was a really good game.

Sadly I don’t have any faith that they would ever slow it down.

Not likely, unless Activision is finally willing to admit that not everyone that plays COD wants a Halo/Killzone experience.

They are gonna have to do something. I mean how much original content do they have to play with that hasn’t been done already in WWII games. WaW was my 1st entry to online COD. I remember that was the last time they toyed with vehicles in online COD as well. Slowing it down and making it more strategic not necessarily like Battlefield but just a touch it would improve things immensely, especially after this last entry. There is only so fast a shooter should get.

Yea, slow the game down.

slow… slow… like no sprinting? somebody mentioned halo as being fast, but that has a substantially longer TTK from what i remember in reach.

i play hardcore so doesnt matter much… hmmm WWII… europe has been done to death… WAW was japan IIRC… maybe this one will go to africa? that would be pretty neat. I just hope they dont have acogs and red dots. if its WWII, iron sights and sniper scops only.

and fuck dogs.

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I primarily play HC as well

I hope to get on this weekend for the double XP. I think I’ve ranked up more in this one than in the last several editions combined.

Not from talent though right?

Oh hell no. I’m half tempted to put in the time to prestige just to show the kids that anyone can hit that level with enough time.

I remember World At War being a fast pace game with Thompson , MP-40 submachine guns , mortar attacks .attack dogs and smaller maps with more cover to hide behind . It was a favorite game of mine . Not a whole lot of quick-scoping happened in that game either .