Coming back

Hey all, sorry about my extended absence, I had a medical issue and then fell into warhammer pretty hard but I am looking to catch up and play some destiny 2 with you guys again. I have a friend who is going to give it a shot but tends to prefer to play with just us so if I reject a random invite, that is why.

Anyways I am installing discord (finally upgraded my phone) and hope to catch up with you all soon.


I’ve missed you!

Jk I hate you.

Jk I’m new and don’t know you. Sup.

Oh you know, just trying to relearn everything lol

Welcome Back !!!

Unexcused absence, that’s 3 weeks detention in the gimp cage.

Still on XBox? If so, hit up @valiantvictory as he may need to re-add you into the Destiny Clan (they only allow 100 so he has to juggle active members).

Also, hit up the @destinyplayers group.

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Will do, he is still on my friends list so that’s an easy fix.