Community review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

We are set to do GRG’s review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and I figure I’d poll GRG to get the entire community’s opinion on the game. I’m thinking of including community thoughts in the ReaperCast. Let us know what you think about CoD MW and we’ll give you a shout out on the ReaperCast (exciting, right??).

  • What are your favorite Maps and why?

  • What is your favorite Gametype and why?

  • What is your favorite Weapon and why?

  • Thoughts on Cross play?

  • What are your overall thoughts on the game, both good and bad?


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I like the game. The maps are all spawn traps so don’t really have a favorite. M4 with the MP7 is my favorite load out even though the shotty seems to be king now. Cross play is off! When we had it on the pc players were all way ahead on the leader board.

I like this game alot. Now that the loot boxes are gone. Not loving the spawn traps and I am assuming it will be fixed. The camping I think is more due to the footsteps being so dam loud. So loud I cant hear call outs sometimes. I know they fixed some with last update and fixed dead silence not working. I am playing this much slower to get the hang of things but now with dead silence and some improvement with footsteps I have seem more running and gunning . I do think they will make some adjustments to this too

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The only thing keeping me from declaring this a huge win is the issue I still have, after 5 patches where I can play multiplayer solo just fine but being in a Xbox party hard crashes my xbox x.
I’ve tried internal drive, external drive, power off, unplug, turn off crossplay - nothing works.
If they can’t fix that then it’s a total loss as the reason i enjoy Call of Duty is running with you lot of fucknuts.
I mean, how I am supposed to flip the spawns and piss off Vikes if I cant keep my Xbox on?
The campaign is awesome - more story and character development than most prior games. Just please fix the shutdown issue!
Edit - ranted and didn’t answer the questions:

  • What are your favorite Maps and why? The bridge map is incredible on 10v10 dom. Step 1 - Take B Step 2 Plant Claymores. Step 3 - Profit
  • What is your favorite Gametype and why? 10v10 dom or TDM. I’d say ground war but the vehicles are too OP now. I put 2 rockets and a frag on a apc and nothing.
  • What is your favorite Weapon and why? So far the 141 with the scout optic
  • Thoughts on Cross play? - I haven’t noticed anything like getting dominated by PC players so no issue - get into games very fast
  • What are your overall thoughts on the game, both good and bad? See above

Yes crashes are a pain. I am assuming they can fix it. I guess Im a little more tolerant of a new engine having some bugs rather than that old garbage engine they had which ran like crap for years. Hopeful this one will have more potential. Some spawns are nuts. I like all the game types really however with camping being more prevalent cant stand hardcore for that reason even more campy. I cant stay in one place that long get bored.
Favorite weapon is M4 but learning to love the HDR sniper too
Crossplay hmm i guess they can tell me all they want its fair but cmon 60 fps at is best versus 120 not buying it cant make that equal and should not even try. So playing on console vs pc with a controller you have to be at disadvantage on console. Choice is good but crossplay has a long way to go and its certainly a work in progress

Reviewed article by digital foundry and they are showing the diff in xbox ps and pc story and multiplayer. good information

Do I have a story for you about this. I might save it for the RaperCast. Yeah, I had the mother of all crashes last night.

Has anyone seen any XBox @ PS4 crossplay yet?

@codplayers @PlayStationPlayers

I don’t think so, but I haven’t been paying attention.

I love the game!!! Best COD in a long time . Really love hardcore mode even better this year since Lala won’t play it which means I won’t be team killed as mych.

I played a bunch of HC to finish out the Pistol challenge.

Very rarely did I see any PS4 players, mostly xbox and pc. Kinda explains why I turned it off.

@beers_and_leafs dropped some knowledge on us about that for the upcoming ReaperCast.