Compact ice and snow on roof help

Need some advice on this. First time homeowner here. We live in a double wide so there’s no attic to blow air into to loosen this up. I bought a roof rake thinking it was just snow, but it’s complete ice. We’ve had nothing but rain, snow, melting and freezing g the last few weeks and the road conditions have been awful. So now I’m worried about the roof.

How much build up is too much, and what should I do about this?

FIrst thought was roof rake. Does it not take any off at all?

I had an issue like that once and it was an absolute hell. Climbed up the roof with a shovel to push shit off. You need to get some black showing for it to to start helping to melt it all. Worst part is the pile that you push off is as heavy as you could ever imagine so if you do it, try not to throw it in a path where you would need to clear it again.

Roof rake barely scratches the surface. I’ve been trying to smash the rake in and pull anything off but so far no luck. I’ll have to go up and try not to fall off

yea, the worst will come as that melts…it may try to damn up and bring water in…if you can just work the edges and get like 3 feet back the risk that type of damage can be reduced

most houses in snowy areas like NY have pretty crazy building requirements assuming insane levels of snow loads. I’m not saying to ignore but I typically worry more about the melting than the weight.

I’ve shoveled mine in past years too

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Thanks. That’s basically what I’ve been trying to do. Just work the edges so it has somewhere to go when the melt happens. This shit is heavy. Almost passed out and I’m not exactly out of shape.

Yeah like valient says work the edges so it does not dam up. Be careful not to damage the shingles. If you can get up there be careful.

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I own a house in the snowbelt of Massachusetts. We don’t get it as bad as parts of NY state but it’s stupid amounts most of the time. I’m used to ice damns and heavy roof snow.
If you can’t rake it off it’ll be a butch to shovel and more than likely you’ve got a good few inches of ice on top of the shingles. One option is a deicer for your roof. They look like hockey pucks. You toss a bunch up there and they’ll melt down to your shingles. They make a pellet firm also that you can put in a tube sock and toss up near the ridge line. They stuff doesn’t melt all the snow obviously but it helps create channels to allow snow melt a way off the roof and avoid water coming into the home. The depot or Lowe’s should carry it. Don’t use drive way salt or you’ll wreck your shingles.

I will look into this. Thank you

Yeah as has been said get it off the edge first if you can to prevent ice dams.

Ive used the ice pucks before. They do work but you may have to shovel some snow off before you throw them on the roof.