Companion App

Pulled this from reddit today.

22 Hours ago. “Yes, app counts points incorrectly. I have 8 captures + 20 defend kills and only 5 are counted.”

Companion App Developer

30 minutes ago. “We’ve identified the issue with captures and defends not registering correctly and are working on a fix now. It should be in place in the next few hours.”

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The app and the whole process sucks. Just so poorly done.

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A little late to the game here but I joined the clan and my Kill Confirmed stats seem to be counting towards the clan.

I’m new and I’m not that great. I bitched and moaned and quit COD when everyone started fucking flying a few years ago. My step-son got this one for Christmas and I figured why the hell not? I’ll give it another shot.

Feel free to add me or join me if you see me on…Xbox GT xSHADOWBOXERx.
I play odd hours and have sketchy internet. It’s been “OK” so far, but I have no idea how it may effect me if I join others.