Companion App

Even though it sucks, really buggy and hardly any features work; you should try and login or open the app once in a while.

I’ve already received 2 2XP tokens and a unique Calling Card.

Kind cool they are giving away free stuff just for opening the app and using it. I think they are weekly rewards.


I tried it once just to see if I could add people through but I couldn’t find a way and deleted it lol

It’s on the upper right of the app. Profile search.

To late now lol I already gave up and did the stuff on xbox

I posted about it with BLOPS 4 and the clan is GrimReaperGamersDotCom and in 10th right now.


I’m cleaning out most of the members, so join it and we can earn community rewards too.

@Grex @ReaperMan10 @APMech12 any of you playing Modern warfare? If not I’ll remove you.

What is it?
The Call of Duty Companion app is a FREE app that gives you instant access to Call of Duty info on the go. Plus, you can earn in-game rewards and XP tokens that can use to help you level in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® . Read on to discover all the stuff you can do and GET by using the Call of Duty Companion App.

Combat Record

Wanting to show your friends how you’re doing in Modern Warfare or check out some of the stats of your squad? Pull up the Companion App and head to the Player tab. In the Player tab, you can view your lifetime stats, weekly stats, stats per game mode (TDM, Dom, HQ, S&D, and Cyber Attack), recent achievements, and more.

Get a handle on your best performing modes and where you need to put in some more work when you get back out there. If you want to check on your squad, head to the Feed in the Social tab. On the Feed, you can see recent achievements and who’s online playing Call of Duty .

Sweet Rewards

They say the best things in life are free and that holds true with the Companion App’s rewards. Each week players who log in once receive a sign-in bonus. The sign-in bonus includes items such as free calling cards (examples shown above), Double XP tokens, and Double Weapon XP tokens for use in Modern Warfare.

Another way to earn rewards is to participate in Ops. Ops are weekly tournaments in which your squad competes against 24 other teams to earn the top three spots and get rewards. Your squad can be up to 20 players and you can make progress playing in Modern Warfare or in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 .

In Ops, your squad will be given a challenge like ‘Get the most wins in Kill Confirmed” or “Get the most kills in Domination”, then play Black Ops 4 or Modern Warfare and track your squad’s progress in the app to win the rewards.

Challenges change every week and rewards are given out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place squads. Challenges also sometimes have a minimum like ‘Minimum 25 Kill Confirmed Wins’ in order to be eligible to win the Op.

Complete the challenges, win the Op, and collect your rewards.

Intel, Always

The Companion App, also, gives you insight into the happenings in the world of Call of Duty . Head to the Intel tab and scroll through the News feed. The News shows recent articles from the Games Blog including the Weekly Wrap-Up showcasing everything that went on in the past week; the Rank Up Report, a weekly journal as our writer plays through Modern Warfare ; and Call of Duty Briefings, a quick rundown on the planned events in the Call of Duty Franchise for the week.

In addition to News, you can find your Match Analysis which gives your insight into your performance on past matches.

These are a few of reasons to start using the Companion App. Download the app from the IOS or Google Play store and take Call of Duty intel to go!

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Do we have a GRG clan in the OPS section?


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For this wondering, and those talking about it tonight in game. This is the squad to join, none of you are in it except Hawk.

I see my name right there! :joy:

The app literally wont load a damn thing lol what a waste of space

Stupid it’s limited to only 20 people in a squad…

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It is stupid, but we’ve NEVER had more than 12 to 15 active players anyway.

We’re in the Top 10 for most kills!

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We are # 1!!! @codplayers

FYI, since there are only 20 slots we cleaned up some of the inactive CoD members. Don’t get offended if you are off. There are only so many slots and I’d like to get those who are playing right now so we can keep winning. If you want to rejoin and are playing we’ll be happy to add you (you can have my spot if we fill again).


Just an FYI, Since we are capped with users we removed 8 that aren’t playing to make room for people still playing CoD. If you were removed and start playing again, let us know and we will re-add you.

Hit up @beers_and_leafs if you need an invite.

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No invite needed. Just download the app, find GrimReaperGamersDotCom and join.



I joined with the app but none of the TDM wins counted yesterday. How does that work?

The App was fucked up yesterday…but it counted in the background, so we still won.

Now go cap some fucking flags!