Competitive gaming controllers

Does anyone here use a competitive gaming controller? I would like to open a serious discussion about this, so all types are open for discussion. I am mostly interested in XBOne, but i figured others might want information pertaining to XBox360/PS/PC as well. I am currently doing a little research to figure out what controller I should get and if it really is worth it. I have read a lot of complaints about how crappy customer service can be, but nothing really sheds light on why the controller is better than the basic controller and other controllers that compare. I have seen these brands and would like any insight as to why they are worth the money: Scuf, Battle Beaver, Elite

funny i was just watching this video earlier

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I would also be interested to see if anyone has definitive proof that gaming performance improved after using one of these controllers.

I think there may be one or two members that have a SCUF, more have the xbox one Elite. The Elite is pretty much made by SCUF so I would lean that way as long as your not looking for crazy designs or whatever. I have tossed around the idea of getting a SCUF or the like before but it is just too much money for something that wears out over time and is only good for one game genre. I would much rather just remap my buttons, but I am a cheap bastard

hers everything written about the Xbox Elite

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thank you

I love my Elite. If it breaks outside of my replacement plan I will have no issues buying another one. I use the paddles for Forza and Elite dangerous and change sticks depending on what game I am playing. The quality it top notch.

The Elite isn’t actually made by Scuff…

Scuf Gaming announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft. This will enable the Microsoft company to use Scuf’s patents and other intellectual properties.

^From the old article about it. Scuff is however customizing Elite controllers…

Edited to add:

I don’t look at the controller as a competitive controller. It is a high quality controller that gives me options for all my games.

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That is the thing with the Elite controller. It has metal parts. The normal wear you get like all that plastic dust from around the stick doesn’t happen. I know, Klown, you are on PS4. Just saying in general. That is one of the reasons I like it so much.

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I have the Elite and love it. I don’t use any paddles and only the basic thumbsticks. I do love the saucer D Pad and the trigger stops.

I am MLG. Just ask everyone.

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yeah i was so bummed when the PS4 Elite controller leak from Target turned out to be a fake. i definitely think the Elite is worth the money considering what a Scuf infinity1 costs and its pretty much along the same lines

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So i broke down early and bought the elite. OH MY GOD! The reactivity is phenomenal and the extended right stick helps control aiming sooooo much. It’s going to take a while for muscle memory to get back into it, but this is totally worth it. I’m never going to play without paddles again unless they tell me I have to, or they will kill my family. I do wish both paddle sets were shorties like the top two, but I can always spend a few extra bucks to replace those. #I’m loving it!


I have had a scuff and cinch controllers. I prefer the elite for xb 1. The scuff was always hard for me to reach the paddles and did not love where they sit on the controller. Scuff has held up well. The cinch was better for button position felt much more natural to me but has had issue with responsiveness of the buttons. I bought the elite and have never looked back. Love the design and responsiveness is great and the ability to adjust sticks etc.

Love it

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I have a scuf and an elite for the x1. I played a ton of COD with the scuf and owned one for the 360. Always really liked them and never had any problems with them. That said, I think i prefer the elite. I like the feel and weight better. the paddles are bigger than the older scuf paddles and easier on the hands for me. The ability to easily turn the trigger stops on and off with a switch is a great feature, a negative for the scuff. The elite is the best deal for the x1 in my opinion. It is fantastic!

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My son has a scuff and swears by it! Bit he has long fingers (lol) to reach the paddles. I tried it and not being used to it was annoyed and frustrated…but watching him use the scuff it really improved his reaction speed and performance in COD. Jus my 2 cents