I am looking for a new computer and decided to go with RAC I need to know about the specs in the link.

It’s more of a low to mid level tablet, judging by specs, really. What are you looking for in a computer? What kind of usage do you want out of it?

Also, you’ll be money ahead saving to buy it rather than going with Rent-A-Center with weekly payments. You pay almost double what an item is worth through there.

I understand that but monthly payments are easier on my current setting seeing aa it is a need. I mainly need it for skype. I do want to play SWTOR and some steam games on it though

That one is my other choice

Both have low end processors. Skype would probably work fine on either, but steam games will have trouble, even on low settings.

Well then could you look around on RAC or Aaron’s for me and see what you can find?

I know very little about computers

If you are looking to do some gaming I would go with this.

But I agree with Johnny. You are not going to see any value. DELL has some good financing options on laptops so you can pay monthly.

Before choosing, ask yourself what you need it for. Is it for gaming, digital art, CAD, or just browsing the net and use an office suite.

@mac79pr it is mainly for star wars the old republic