Connecting to the GRG Conan Server

We are on the By Crom! Server for Conan:Exiles

Ok… to get the By Crom! server added to your favorites list do the following…

  1. On your steam window click on the View button on the top of the window then click servers.
  2. Then click your favorites tab and at the bottom you’ll see a button “Add a server”
  3. click “Add a Server” button then paste this IP: then click search for games on this server
  4. It should come up with Conan and click “add to favorites”
  5. once its added refresh the server list
  6. and click join server
  7. It should through right into game now

If it does not throw you directly into the server

  1. Go in to play online and on filters switch to “Favorites”
  2. It should be on that list now
  3. After a refresh

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