connection Issues?

Was anyone else having connection issues last night?

Not last night, but Wed night it took Gunny, evolve, and myself at least 30 minutes to get a game going.

I figured out my issue wens. It was TPS install going while trying to play bl2.soon as I paused tps, my issues went away

Gunny, did you get my invite the other night? It failed when I tried to jump in with you.

And, sorry for the issues Friday night. I had a couple phone calls come through that I had to take. Then, I fucked up one of Greazy’s missions. (I shot one of my high level shock weapons near the crowd of 4 thieves and it killed one of them by accident.) I’m not sure if you guys were pissed because I was on the phone. But, next thing I knew I got booted. LOL. Sorry!

Who’s playing tonight? I’ll be on from about 8:30 to 9:30.

I had connection issues the same night. I got booted a couple times and had trouble rejoining.

It sounds like its a common issue right now.