Crackdown 3 Trailer

Looks good, the mp looks liek it could be a great clan experience.

too cartoony, Father Lala wont like it.

Destructible environments are always fun though, but are definitely a distraction for most players

It looks a bit less cartoony than the previous two. Besides, GW2 looks more cartoony than this…

looks awesome, as i said before, i hope it has somewhat of a story. The first game was kill everything… and then i think at the end it tunred out you were the bad guy… or maybe that was the second one…

yep, found it…

and here is #2

So i hope there is a little more story, a few cut scenes here and there. The fact that the trailer showed a Mech “mini-boss” is good cuz the last games didnt have much variety IIRC. Very ecited for this game.

did you just sacrifice youself in the 2nd one at the end there. wtf i hate when they do that shit.

You’re the bad guy in both games. You just “sacrifice” yourself in cd2 to keep the chopper chick from ruining the Agency’s plan. lol. Seems cd3 will be the same.

On the first one I feel you were tricked and it set up the sequel. In the sequel I think it was a lesser of two evils thing, it looked like they had ideas for the third with that final scene, (your hand in the jar)