Crazy career question

Silly question of the day.

“Do you know anyone in the pipeline industry?”

So apparently I have a friend who wants to know how to get a job in the oil fields or doing pipeline work.

Does anyone here know anything about this? I do not.

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@TEXENT… He should know I believe

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I grew up in New Mexico and around the oil field (natural gas). Did oil field construction work and on a drilling rig for a brief stint but most of my family and friends from there are/were tied to the oil field in some fashion and was really the best way to make any sort of money.

Not hard to get a job if you’re in an area that is booming. Pass a drug test, show up and be prepared to bust your ass. Also really depends on what you already know or are familiar with as to what you will do or want to do etc.

I agree with what @SoInZane said. Pass a UA, show up on time, and get ready to work your ass off. I didn’t work on pipelines really, I did lay flow lines that run from well to tank battery, but never a true pipeline. My most recent job in the oilfield was as a pumper, and it was a “who do you know” type of job. I had to get my foot in the door by showing people I was willing to learn and work hard.

I would recommend just keeping an eye out for job listings, and spread the word to people in the industry he may already know. Don’t be afraid to hand out resumes and such, as I know I’m my hometown area, good oilfield jobs are a bit scarce these days. But there’s always a demand for grunts, which having never worked in the field, he most likely will be a grunt.

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does it matter if she’s a girl?

North Dakota had a ton of jobs in the oil industry for a while as well, but I’m not sure if they’re still as busy as they were a couple of years ago.

@TEXENT can really lay that pipe.


I have a friend/client in AK. He has connections on the line…lemme know

@valiantvictory This chick is serious. She wants out of town on the first plane to anywhere that has a job for her. She’s been down on her luck and just wants a chance to start over. I don’t know why she has the pipeline industry stuck in her head… but it’s what she was asking about.

We are also discussing helping her get a CDL - A and getting her a Long Haul career started.
I’m just trying to help. She’s a good person, just has made mistakes.

Thanks for the offer.

is she interested in Alaska? if you are sure i will reach out and get something started

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Let me talk to her tonight and find out how serious she is about that kind of move from Mississippi.
I will not ask you to do that until she is more sure.
I really appreciate the offer. That is amazingly kind of you.

@valiantvictory can we ship any grg away? Alaska works, maybe a hundred miles off the coast though.

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i say we put a neckbeard test into application…some of those could be sent to the pipline

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The angry aged rumblings of eschewed GRG churn the Bering Seas.