Creating a New Character

Can you create and keep multiple characters? In Destiny we started with 3 with different attributes but I don’t think that is true here. Would there be a reason to have more than one?

you can create multiple characters but with the way you can change classes on the fly it does seem not as necessary. However how locked in are the talents and and traits?

I haven’t advanced far enough to see how hard, if possible, it would be to change your talents around.

Just a pause button away.

Some ppl are talking about making characters for the storage chest… but I haven’t stored a thing so I think they are just being pack rats. My backpack holds 45 items, and my storage chest holds who knows how much. Clothes don’t take up inventory b so I done get it.

Did this in the beta and character was reset to 1st level with loss of everything equipped .

Can you mail items to your alt?

Benefit of having at least one…Would be if you decided to go ‘Rogue’ all the time.

‘Rogue’ status only lasts a couple of minutes / until you die.

Unless you meant that, if you keep doing it then other players are going to recognise your gamertag?
Though I presumed people weren’t talking about using multiple profiles… just multiple characters on one profile.

Yes, i was referring to multiple characters as well…not profiles. Because when you go ‘Rogue’ and die…you lose funds and credits…

So …say you have a day where you just want to ‘fuck it all’…you can log onto your “Dark Zone Rogue” and just go in without worry and purposely ‘grief’ people.

Now what I do not know…is if your share dark zone funds across your characters on a profile…in that case if it were so, would be a bad idea.

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Ah OK, I didn’t realise you lost stuff (funds/credits) if you die whilst ‘rogue’.
My bad.

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