Crota raid

So last night a group of GRGs started on Crota’s raid. Djmeha, Sgt C Slaughter, Elduderino54880, SniperT1, xHitechH8x and myself. Things went well if not as planned. Snagging chests along the way. Then it all came to a grinding halt.

Clearing out the 2 witches went well… And then it went all wonky. The Shriekers stopped taking damage. We were only able to drop the Deathsinger once ( and that was a valiant effort by DJmeha) before it was decided that we stop for the night.

So, tips, tricks and strategies. If you got them let’s share them.

what happened. did it glitch out.

Usually when that happens it best to head to orbit and come back to the last checkpoint. sort of like reseting the instance.

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How did you guys do last night?

We got to crota… Then timing was all over the place… Did it again tonight and some saw crota drop down when he was still up… Time and glitch… Crotas power is strong.

So lessons learned from this week on crota… Ice breakers and rocket launchers helpful if fully upgraded for entire team. Do your job and no showboating… It costs your team… Don’t pop Cynth until afte you clear the room. Communicate, communicate, communicate… Have enough beer to last until end of raid.


So hard mode… Crota gliched every time things were going right…frustrated.

Shooters high middle on the walkway just outside the crystal room, under the gate keeper, worked well to take out sword …12 o’clock nights don’t shoot at you… Able to drop down middle to hide when ogres come… Or bolt over to the lower towers and take them out as they inter the room… Move to the side behind columns when crota moves… But a lot o moving parts and teamwork.

I have two clears for hm. We used top middle and left the boomers alone. It is really helpful to have two titans with blessing of light. We went to the lower right tower and took out the first ogre as he spawned and the left ogre shortly after. I ran the sword with my hunter. It is possible to run the sword with another class just requires a titan to put a bubble on the platform for the sword runner. If the encounter doesn’t bug, i.e. crota sees the invis sword runner, the boomers aggro on the sword runner, crota gets up early or doesn’t go down, than it is simple. It is a stupid fight as you are basically trying to limit your engagement with the enemies as much as possible.
It is possible to do this part with a couple of 31s as long as the fire power is good to take down crota. If you guys need help just send me a msg. Will be happy to help out and run the sword if need be.

Basically this whole raid you try to be perfect and hope the game complies, specially in hm. We did it basically as your team did it dixon.

Take a good look at those rare and green gun drops… There is a perk on some of them that they can pick up any ammo by shooting it. This comes in really handy when your doing the raids and need that heavy ammo that is sitting on the other side of the map. Just putting it out there.

And I think you can get 6-7 heavy ammos from one brick.


Is shoot to loot the perk to pick up ammo by shooting it?