Cry for help... In search of...

I need anything and everything anyone has that is Lvl 50 CP 160 that is either:
Shadow of the Red Mountain or Unfathomed Darkness Set related.
I have 5 pieces of Red Mountain already. (Head, Chest, legs, waist, feet… also have a ring and amulet I think)

I mostly need Unfathomed Darkness stuff:
Hands, rings, one handed anything and bow, shoulders

I know it’s silly, but I really wanna make a Red Mountain Unfathomed Darkness combo set to play around with. I think it’ll be fun.

Thanks for any assistance.

I think unfathomed darkness gear is expensive.

Not terribly. I bought a few pieces last night, and I mean to go shop some more tonight.
I think I have 2 pieces already, but they clash with the red mountain set I have on.
The biggest issue I’m running into is that it’s not really for sale that much, because it is the medium armor set for Clockwork City. I scoured the guild bank for anything I could find… so thanks for that… for sure.

I just thought I’d cast a line out in case anyone happened to have a set of weapons and jewelry for either set… that’s mainly what I need… rings, necklace, single handed and bow…

I think the rest will fall into place.

I’m excited to see how the 2 sets behave together.

It’s why I just wear an outfit or costume. You can also change the appearance at an outfit station.

I’m not sure what I have off hand. Just saw it on trader’s.

I don’t mean clash as in appearance wise… I mean I have a set piece for one that would replace a set piece for another.
Like a Red Mountain chest and Unfathomed Chest… redundant gear slots clashing with letting me piece dual 5 piece sets together.

IGAS how it looks.

I found everything I need at Guild Traders. Took traveling all over tamriel.

This is one the of things I truly hate about ESO. This guild trader thing only benefits the few. I hardly buy because I’m not traveling all over the world to find what I want. The game really needs a global trader.

I really agree… at least give us an app that will tell us what is on sale where.

Meaty and I talked about it for a while, though, and I kind of appreciate the simplistic mechanism that forces you to have yet another reason to visit other regions, that you may not have had before.

And in the end you don’t really get the best stuff from the guilds… what I did was str8 gimmick.
It should be a decent gimmick set to get good Armor with in Dungeons.

Now to find the remaining needed pieces of the Sanctuary Armor set.