Cubeworld is anyone interested?

So cubeworld released on 2013 and I played it back then in alpha stage, it was a lot of fun for a voxel style rpg. It then went dark for six years without any updates or anything presumably being lost to the void of unfinished games. It then came as a surprise to me and others it got put back into development and now has a release date for this year. I’m curious if anyone else might have or would be playing this game as I’m most likely going to download it again and see how it’s doing. I hope they continue with it going forward now and update it regularly it was a lot of fun back then and probably still is.

Edit: Here is a post about it from Polygon

I watched gameplay of it back then but it didn’t have enough bells and whistles for me to buy in.

If it has a co-op aspect this time around, I could be persuaded to buy it. Or a lot more rpg elements than it previously did.

It does have multiplayer but I’m not sure about how much more content it has yet

Not heard of it before.

Any idea on the launch retail price?
It’s only 3 days away but Steam aren’t currently showing a pricetag.

It’s in closed beta phase at the moment only alpha players have access from what I read, I’ll see what I can dig up