Curse of Osiris

Here’s some info on the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC which is set to release on December 5th. Looks like they’ll be once again re-using content. New “Raid Content” isn’t a full raid and is just an extension of the Leviathan raid.

Light Level

  • Power level increase to 335
  • Drops 330 and you can add a +5 mod

New Area

  • Mercury: Vex hauled up the planet core and made it their own planet. Infinite Forest is Vex’s reality engine and can be entered through a gate.
  • Infinite Forest area changes each time you go through it. It has different combinations of set pieces and enemies to fight. It can show the future of Mercury, a dark of Mercury where the sun of died and it is just a sea of Vex.
  • Lighthouse: Acts as the social hub for Mercury. You start your missions there and there are secrets to discover and people to talk to. Brother Vance is the Faction Reward NPC in the Lighthouse. He has his own engrams (Lighthouse Engrams).
  • After the campaign there will be new quests for different weapons you can acquire and forge.


  • There will be a new public event type on Mercury, the largest public event to date.
  • Lost Sectors on Mercury won’t show up on the map until you finished the story campaign, giving you a chance to explore.
  • Infinite Forest will have different trees that can take you to different timelines of Mercury – past, present, and future.

New Group Activity

  • Heroic Strike Playlist is coming back.
  • Raid Lair announced – going back to Leviathan. New encounters, new loot and new places to explore. Does not require completion of previous raid. Brand new final boss for you to fight.
    • New Raid is called Leviathan, Eater of Worlds.
    • Recommended power for both the new raid and the old Leviathan raid is 300. Rewards will be scaled up.
    • Not as lengthy as the original Leviathan raid. It is very challenging and you will die a lot. There will also be a Prestige mode.
    • This raid will take you below the palace where the original raid occurred, in the belly of the beast.
    • Raid will be released shortly after the DLC launch (no exact timeline given).
  • A new raid lair will be added with Expansion II (also in Leviathan)



Doubt it’ll happen. The new maps are designed for 4v4. I’m not a fan of what they did to the Crucible, Destiny 1 Crucible was much better.


SMH. I want to love this game but they make it so hard. The game play is great. I just can’t keep going through the same recycled crap with minor changes over and over again. Bungies rehashed content in DLC pisses me off more than any loot box ever will.


They took an MMO-lite and made it Lite-er when they really needed to embrace more of the MMO gamestyle.

No shit. This is what really gets me. We still have the same enemies as the first title.

I knew the Raid would just be an addition to the existing ones. That’s why they made it like they did. They don’t have to craft a story or purpose behind it. Just come up with a few puzzles then finish off with a big bad guy. Right now you’re just running around an intergalactic game show. There’s no reason to be on that ship. It’s just silly and random.


Being a guy who spent $100 on the Legendary edition, I feel like the game is great, but certainly could be better. It took me much longer in D1 to get to where I am now in D2. To me, it’s sad when a COD game holds my interest more than Destiny. That was not the case for D1.

I bought all in as well but I knew I’d come back to the game when the new DLC hits. I’ll get my 100 bucks worth (really already have).

I just see how much potential a game like this has and how lazy Bungie really is. Just a shame.


At least MP in Destiny is PLAYABLE… unlike some games that may have been recently released by Sledghammer Games Studios


This makes me think of the whole “Evil Guardian” idea… Why have we not seen that from Bungie yet? Why don’t we have actual “Faction-Level PVP”? So many possibilities yet unexplored…

OK, back to work now…

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